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الصفحة الرئيسية - العلمانية، الدين السياسي ونقد الفكر الديني - محمد وجدي - Mohamed became Michel - my journey to the bosom of the Heavenly Father


Mohamed became Michel - my journey to the bosom of the Heavenly Father

محمد وجدي
(Mohamed Wagdy )

الحوار المتمدن-العدد: 6329 - 2019 / 8 / 23 - 23:47
المحور: العلمانية، الدين السياسي ونقد الفكر الديني

Maybe it is late for my testimony, but why I don t write and become a witness for what God had done for me, and why I don t give the glory to say who deserves it, "I do not know, but one thing .. I was blind and now I am seeing."

I was born in a Muslim family in a city in "Al-wajh Al-bahri" and I lived a normal life, according to my opinion, and not more than others, only my love to read and know.

I had many Christian friends, and George " The son of the deacon" was my best friend, and I was studying with him. George and his family was living in the Church, and when I enter to the Church many questions comes to my mind. Were often out in childish innocent to compare between what I legacy in the community of extrapolations and Christians say about that themselves.

We thought that Christians in worship the many goddess, and we were believing that God was married to Mary and Christ was from them. And I wondered when my friends denied that I was accusing them of lying and lack of candor. In my first class in my middle school I entered in the library of school as my usual metaphor and I found the Holy Bible. Curiosity attracted me and I asked to borrow and saw the librarian and her buddy and she asked me:
Why is the Gospel? I said: I love to read. And I took copy of it, but I did not understand a lot. But what attracted me in it was the style of the Sermon on the Mount, the simple fun that affects the heart.

I ask my Christian friends of explain for me , but they treat me like a spy´-or-a malicious intruder´-or-if the Christian religion´-or-religion should not be a secret known only for those whom born Christians .

From that time I began to walk in the --dir--ection of the Salafis way and read books that refute Christianity, I became someone different than what I was.I lost my old friends and I was like a strange reality where I live in. Specific readings and the survivors and other questionable are-limit-ed in their decision, and each day my mental knowledge was increasing and I was praying and acting of worship, but nothing changes in my heart to the best. But every day I was feeling like I losing a bit of my peace day after day. Till the Lord will and he wanted in his time and set out his eternal glory. In my third grade of secondary school occurred that many magazine came in my hands from the consolidation issued by the Ansar al-Sunnah and there were an essay is a message from someone contacted radio "around the world" and began to communicate with them with questions and found their answers something he can not answer, and they sent him some books that let him loss his brain inflicted him in a maze. Then sent him a reply after they announced the message that was sent from the radio address them in Monte Carlo, and their response was to stop all correspondence and read those books and come to his senses.

I got the address and began mockingly correspondence, and I was thinking that my thoughts were the highest. Who is those whom worship in three? And how can somebody puzzles me and I was studied at the Salafis schools? The answers were convincing, and the books were confusing me, I receive it in the books based on the sources of Islamic books.
The great disaster that I discovered was the fact and attributes of the Prophet of Islam and how the Sunni view it no room for modesty in which there is no room for tolerance of it.
Little by little destroyed, said the Qur an itself. That was not free of grammatical errors and rhetorical and historical book is different in health and in return for this show of Jesus Christ his full glory, which I saw all the Qur an itself infallible and perfection.

Then I moved to the stage were I wrote to the radio in Cairo and my interviews with servants of the Lord who replied to all my questions did not hesitate a bit of knowledge sources to drink what my thirst. The Christ on the level of spirit was talking to me every day. " Is not this the good time to know that I am the way and the truth and the life." I was in confusion. Where is the right? Where is the truth? Where is God in all what I see? Even the real prayers testimony and true requests comes for other was making me happy. But for me it was happiness and I was not accustomed to this never God s presence is real what happened with me. It is to do the immediate needs and healing and even the desire of the heart good God would not neglected. The Lord led me to log in his barn and accepted his glorious grace of salvation is still the Lord every day to reach out to me and announces his presence is still the Lord is goodness, the Secretary announced that he forever even though we are not honest.

Please pray brother Michel and please feel free to correct´-or-send a better translation.

If there are questions´-or-what you can write to the author on his own email.

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الصفحة الرئيسية - العلمانية، الدين السياسي ونقد الفكر الديني - محمد وجدي - Mohamed became Michel - my journey to the bosom of the Heavenly Father