I could have... Souad Al-Sabah

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 7 / 18

I could have...
Souad Al-Sabah

Like l women on earth,
I could have,
Flirted the mirrorr.
I could have
Had my coffee in the warmth of my bed,
Had gossip on the phone
Without feeling the burden of days..and hours,
I could have been able
To beautify myself,
To apply eyeliner,
To pamper myself..
To roast myself in the sun,
And I dance on the waves like all the mermaids
I could have
Shaped myself with turquoise, and With rubies,
Strolled like queens,
I could have done nothing,
Read nothing,
Written nothing,
Devoted myself to the lights, fashion and trips.
I could have
Not to refuse,
Not to get angry,
Not to shout in the face of tragedy,
I could have,
Swallowed tears,
Swallowed the oppression,
Adapt mself like all prisoners.
I could have
Avoided history questions,
Escaped self-torture,
I could have
Spared the groan of all the mourners,
The cry of all the downtrodden,
And the revolution of thousands of dead people,

But I betrayed the laws of the woman
And I chose to face the words.

Soad Al Sabah

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