Dots on I s , Colette Khoury

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 6 / 24

Dots on I s , Colette Khoury
Translated by Mohammad Abdul-Karem Yousef
How did you believe my excuses ?
Just as I ran away from you.

It s is a word,
That flew away from my poems.
A word in which I apologized
When I walked away from you.

How did you believe that
I poured, in its folds, my expectations,
And stuck in, within letters, my secrets?
Scared ?.....Me ?

Darling ! My love! You are the one
Who thought, analyzed and ... hesitated.
You are the one who looked forward tomorrow,
You are the one was afraid to see himself baptized in my flames,
You are the one who feared to achieve the impossible,
You are the one who daunted reading life, demise, eternity, and annihilation in my eyes…


I mobilized dreams to you,
I built, for you, a homeland.
I piled up the days ,a date, to meet you...

A date that flood the world with brightness, Kindness
And generosity.

I folded, for you, the horizons
And spread them under your own feet.

For you, I bunched up brilliance
And spread it in your hands,
for you! alone, I wanted to arrest esperance.
Scared of your love….? Me…? Me…?
No.. I swear with the arrogance of your eyes
I am not afraid of you...
I, my little one, out of my great love,
Feared about you …

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