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The branded Miracle Performed through Christ Jesus While Walking on Water Guarantees divine safeguards to the Humanity. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 10 / 13 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Then the Word incarnate through Christ Jesus shows up the Truth in a particularly Divine Light since the Miracle of the feed of five thousand. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 10 / 10 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Christ Jesus is the holder of the keys to the divine Power of the Father, these keys include the Sealing Power to bind and seal on earth what has been decided in Heaven. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 10 / 5 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
By performing the Miracle of healing invalids, Christ Jesus confirms His Divinity. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 9 / 25 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Faith in Christ Jesus saves His Apostles from a fallen and rotten world. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 9 / 18 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The Rich Harvest of the Resurrection is the fulfilment of the Word of God. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 9 / 15 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Christ Jesus, the Rabbi, taught the Samaritan woman through the act of dialogue the founding principles of Christianity . Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 9 / 11 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The term Baptism is rooted in the will of Christ Jesus to make the hearts of the Apostles the Temple of His Holy Spirit. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 9 / 10 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Christ Jesus is the Rabbi who created the truths initially as conceptions to teach them as concepts. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 9 / 7 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
To lay the Foundation of a well-defined concept of Temple is to destroy the false sectarian interpretations. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 8 / 14 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The Divine Miracle performed by Christ Jesus is a genuine act of remembrance. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 8 / 12 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The Apostolic Calling should be always in harmony with The Holy Spirit. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 8 / 10 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
In a Spirit of continuity between the Prophet John and Christ Jesus, they have Apostles in common. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 8 / 3 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Christ Jesus is the initiator of the Divine Conception of the Holy Spirit thus destroying any animal approach in the Study of His Word. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 8 / 1 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
In accord with Johnís Prophecy, Christ Jesus is the founder of Christianism through the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 7 / 29 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Through the Incarnation of Christ Jesus, a filiation link is established with His Apostles. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 7 / 26 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
The Reinstatement of Christ Jesusí Apostles is only through the Pure Heart. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 7 / 23 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
By sharing the Resurrection feast with his Apostles, Christ Jesus destroys the sectarian invention of the Eucharist. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 7 / 20 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
With his Resurrection for his Apostles, Christ Jesus fulfilled his divine will. Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 7 / 17 Secularism, religion, political Islam 
Mary Magdalene represents the Apostle and not the woman! Imen Marie Agnes Adili  2021 / 7 / 15 Secularism, religion, political Islam 


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