unusual protest in saudia arbia

Mazen kamalmaz

2008 / 2 / 24

Unusual Protest in Saudia Arabia

In the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia it is not a common scene to see people protesting against their rights violation ; in fact , any such act has very serious consequences on those who dare to protest ; that does not mean also that people there are not exposed to injustice ; only state s repression keeps that place "quiet" . Still exceptions are there , especially when the reality becomes worse than the expected repression or the life of poverty back home for example . In the edition number 14470 of ALRIYADH newspaper which was published in Tuesday 5 2 2008 there was unprecedented news about such a protest . in Medina , where the tomb of Prophet Mohammad resided , 210 foreign workers from Bangladesh working at a big private company , according to the newspaper , that did not pay them for 10 months leaving these people , and their families back home , in a very grieve situation , decided to go to the street . Obviously the reality was beyond any fears of repression . One important thing was mentioned by ALRIYADH reporter that the local government labor office and even the local court did not do anything to force their employer to pay their wages . We don t know the outcome of this "brave" unusual act , what we know for sure that it is not the only case of workers abuse , and that what happened near the tomb of the prophet of Islam was just an act of despair , not resistance ; maybe that s why it passed without the interference of repressive forces .

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