The relationship between photography and plastic art In the works of the Swedish artist -Jorgen Hübner-

Raid Shafeeq

2022 / 11 / 26

Raid Shsfeeq
Art is work, effort and deep insight, sso it is like the spirit of the creative artist because creativity is a great field for innovation and enjoyment to produce beauty for us , and beauty is moments that change between time and space, and it is a picture, and the image is not generated except by matter, and matter does not come to life except by the manifestation of the image in it, whether it happens in reality´-or-imagination.
Aristotle referred to this when he said that the material is nothing, and the image is an existing object, and material can only exist in a certain image, which to transfer it from non-existence to existence, this is the existence of the philosophers, and the aesthetics among the philosophers of things and the beauty industry are not far from it, because it is part of existential theory, therefore beauty is an image, and the image needs material to materialize so that you can taste and feel it, because the senses are responsible for the act of tasting, while enjoyment is the image that consists of Enjoyment, whether joyful´-or-sad.
The best person to expand the sensory knowledge of beauty is the philosopher Kant. who said: tasting is subject to four moments are:
1 How to feel
2 the amount of satisfaction
3- The contractual relationship between pleasure and the subject
4 Capture the shape without prior perception.
So the image is the last word to confirm the truth and the knowledge, when imagination meets accuracy of vision and a high feeling for things , we will be faced with a complete picture of all sides and perceptions , if these qualities meet in a person, he should only wear a camera and through it draws different pictures of life.
It is worth noting that the art of photography is not available to everyone who has a camera, but only to those who have talent and a high artistic sense to document temporal and spatial moments to give us a wonderful painting.
The artist (Jorgen Hubner) if I may call him an artist, and he deserves this de-script-ion because he sees and reads the image through the hidden meaning behind it, and deals with the immaterial with feelings and thoughts originating from his own mind, simulating those of the recipients collective thinking, and distinguishes between the one who reads the image and the one who looks at it, because ("Jorgen") looks at the photo art based on its data in the language of expression, he finds in the photo art a translation and reflection of a static reality by capturing and redrawing the supposed moment from his point of view as a photographer and as an artist, to give the art of photography a unique aesthetic dimension in his private life lies in the search for the essence of things, and to read its hidden meanings and highlight what is behind the image, that is, to get the image to come out of merely documenting a specific moment to a reality that moves in the space of visual aesthetics that emphasizes the depth of the image s central meaning.
Then "Jö-;---;-----;---rgen" could create a vision and read the image s inner beauty and read its human dimensions before taking it up to turn it into a painting, which makes the viewer feel the depth of the image s meaning, to taste its beauty and sympathize with its credibility . as Jürgen managed to make the image more convincing because he breathes life into it.
During his journey as a photographer for more than 40 years as a photographer ("Jorgen")-restore-d the reality of the images, so that he passed the reality of ordinary photography into wonderful wide artistic dimensions, and he drew with his camera, art plastic paintings full of life and and he changed the viewer s conviction, between what he sees of static images and artistic images imitating life, so he surpassed as a photographer Professional a craft of the photographer, because he could move reality, with his innovation and creativity, because he was engaged in photography not because it is the process of producing images using light effects reflected from sight, to form an illusion inside a light-sensitive material this results in an image that represents a view, rather he treated it based on the meaning of the moment he documents and conveys it to the recipient through it whole, in depicting nature, city life and animal life, "Jorgen" took in i take into account the presence of land, water and sky and blend these natural formations with certain angles and lighting, taking into account the small details of the image, to produce a work of art worth looking at. "Jorgens" touch can be seen in abstract photography in the sense that he portrays things in a certain way that raises questions for the recipient about the idea and concept of the image, but it opens up-limit-less perceptions in the viewer s imagination.
"Jorgens" images confirm the reality of the relationship between photography and contemporary plastic art through his artistic vision and his use of photography as a tangible reality, o--dir--oectly and ino--dir--oectly, to confirm the impact of photography on contemporary plastic art, either by citing plastic formations by all photographers,or by employing the plastic artists of photography, as an icon of contemporary culture, and the importance of integrating photography with artistic thinking.
Through the foregoing, "Jorgen", as an artist in photography, treated photography as an artistic means of expression and to document and record human cases together with contemporary plastic art to express beauty, culture and its cognitive dialectic through the analysis of innovative angles that technology provides photography, which opened wide horizons for artists, so that photography, digital technology and light sculpture, became among the means of contemporary plastic art, but not for everyone, but for those who have an artistic vision, a high feeling and talent of artist photographers, as we explained above .
In conclusion, "Jorgen" treats photography as not just a frame that combines between its angles with a group of beautiful´-or-terrifying things, which have no purpose, because the world of photography is an art that has its foundations and a science that has its rules. although it is one of the fields that many people take up as a hobby, but a field It has serious and purposeful uses in many fields, such as education, media, medicine and others, as "Susan Sontag" said, adding that taking pictures is to own what was photographed, and it means entering into a certain relationship with the world, a relationship that makes him feel a desire for knowledge, and therefore he feels the power of photographs to give people more knowledge about the past and present. Photographs seem to be no more impressions of the world than they are parts of it, they are microcosms of reality that anyone can make´or acquire.
When imagination is combined with precision in seeing and a high feeling for things in a frame, we are in front of a picture with complete aspects and perceptions that has an aesthetic dimension that is unique in its peculiarities , Produced by ("Jorgen") as we saw in his latest exhibition in sigtuna many pictures in different sizes, small, medium and large, black and white and colored, dark and brilliant, to tell that his paintings in their fine texture open to a smiling sky that appeals to the hope of a beautiful world.
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