Common Ancestor

Bosy El Gamasy

2022 / 5 / 13

Article (common ancestor)

Written by Basma Yahia Hamed, Egypt

Did Darwin say that humans are from apes?

The answer is of course no-;- He only spoke of the hypothesis that there is a common ancestor between humans and chimpanzees, and that all life forms on the planet have a common origin and explained the theory of "regression with modification" as he called it.

"Man was an ape"-;- Even if the giant Darwin said it and scientific research proved it, why is it funny that man is originally an ape...?

yes -;- Life on Earth began with
(sugar, fats, amino acids, DNA components, RNA components, electric sparks, ultraviolet rays, and high temperature) so the genetic genetic code and protein were formed, then slow mutations over millions of years were bacteria, viruses, plants, animals, and finally humans-;- But the mechanism of action, how it happened, and what is the origin of species so far is not 100% known due to the great slow mutations that we observe when we conduct laboratory experiments on the aforementioned first elements of life.

We all have a common ancestor, especially humans, chimpanzees and gorillas. This common ancestor came from the interior of the Earth and outer space.
The mammals of which we are have a common ancestor with reptiles 300 million years ago, and all vertebrates go back to that little fish-like creature without a backbone more than 500 million years ago-;- But is there a physical law that explains survival?
To answer this gigantic question, we must first know the evidence that supports the theory that "all organisms on Earth have a common ancestor."
Discussion of the book Evolution by Brian Charlesworth and Deborah Charlesworth

The book discusses the writings of Darwin and Wallace, which wrote more than 140 years ago, leading to modern evidence in molecular biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and geology.

By examining the genes of both humans and chimpanzees, it was found that they are very similar except for only 1% difference. The human tct gene corresponds to the CcT gene in chimpanzees, the human ngcg gene corresponds to the ATg gene in chimpanzees-;- The difference is in Jenin only..!
Certainly there is a common ancestor.
(evidence supporting evolution)

1- Mutations are very slow in all living organisms that possess DNA. As for RNA viruses, mutations are fast. It is strange that the components of RNA are similar to the components of DNA-;- So there is a common origin for all of us.

2 - Different groups of similar types of living organisms show appropriate adaptation to local changes in the surrounding conditions, which answers the question What is the benefit of mutations? The answer is to adapt, survive and reproduce.

3- Changes in the general characteristics that characterize the species can lead to an increase in association with changes in the environment.

4- Selective breeding of domesticated plants and animals refers to the breeding of species in which desirable characteristics such as shape, colour, behaviour, metabolism and many other characteristics of living organisms can be selected for production efficiency.

Adaptation and natural selection refers to artificial selection and the selection of certain genes so that the organism becomes adapted to the environment and more fit, that is, more able to survive and reproduce. Here we note that the idiomatic meaning of the word validity is completely different from the linguistic meaning of the word.

5- The extinction of the weakly adapted and mostly sick species is found in all living things on Earth, and it is also a similarity that raises many questions about the external influence in the universe.

6- All the evidence proposed according to the theory of evolution confirms that this evolutionary system and the path it is following not only left the organisms successfully adapted to the environment, but clearly indicates that the newly modified organisms (the results of natural selection in the current era) did not appear these traits once, but were the result of A long accumulation of changes in traits may´-or-may not be revealed in some species, but it was the main reason for the emergence of new traits.

7-All species use the DNA code to transmit and reveal genetic traits through generations.

8- All living things use the same left side as the beginning of the formation of amino acid blocks in building proteins, body tissues and various cells.

9- It is difficult to remove any gene´-or-genetic structure that is involved in building the developmental process that occurs in new genetic traits because it is under the control of other genetic genes working within the same process-;- This is the first obstacle for humans to improve offspring and the genes of future generations to become more intelligent, resistant to diseases and have a longer life.

As for the archaeological traits´-or-genetic structures, they are present from the structures of previously genetic processes.

10- The embryonic development of the related animals is identical regardless of the anatomy characteristics of the adult organism. Each vertebrate embryo has an early stage that contains gill slits´-or-similar.

11- A large set of standard features of discovered and recorded fossils support the theory

A:- The nature of the Earth has changed significantly through the ages due to gravity and the laws of physics affecting our planet, especially the currently unknown physical law of survival.

B:- The recorded fossils showed that the wide changes in the types of living things present on the earth are that new species appear and the majority disappear, that is, they are extinct-;- This is evidence that those organisms change in their characteristics as a result of responding to a change in their environment-;- Extinction occurs due to the failure of ancestors to adapt to the environment and natural disasters.

c- Fossils found in ancient rocks do not reappear in newer rocks-;- When an organism becomes extinct and disappears from existence, this shows us that this extinct organism is impossible to reappear, but new organisms rise as a result of the accumulation of genetic modifications that reveal in later generations´-or-not, but which modifications are accumulated from their ancestors, the previous organisms that appeared at a time former.

(the great explosion)
In physical cosmology, it is the dominant theory to explain the origin of the universe.
The idea of ​-;-​-;-the theory is based on the fact that the universe was in the past in a very dense and hot state and expanded, and that the universe was once a single part when it was created. Some recent estimates estimate that this moment occurred 13.8 billion years ago, which is the age of the universe, and after the first expansion, the universe cooled enough to form subatomic particles such as protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Although simple atomic nuclei formed within the three minutes following the Big Bang, it took thousands of years before electrically neutral atoms formed.
Most of the atoms that emerged from the Big Bang were hydrogen and helium, with a little bit of lithium. Then giant clouds of those elemental elements gravitationally healed to form stars and galaxies, and heavier elements were formed through stellar fusion reactions´-or-during the synthesis of elements in supernovae.

Although the scientific community was once divided between the two theories of the expansion of the universe between a supporter of the Big Bang theory and a supporter of the steady state theory, the confirmation by observation and monitoring of the validity of the Big Bang scenario came with the discovery of the radioactive background of the universe in 1964 AD,
And the discovery that the spectrum of that background radiation matches the thermal radiation of black bodies.

Since then, astrophysicists have made observational and theoretical additions to the Big Bang model, and its median representation as the Lambda-CDM model serves as a framework for current research in theoretical cosmology.
(beginning of life)

With the death of the first stars, life elements such as carbon and iron were produced for us, and we evolved over millions of years-;- Yes, life began with the death of the first stars.
Evolution explains to us the theory (regression with modification), as Darwin called it in the book (The Origin of Species), and it was confirmed by the findings of the two scientists, Brian Charlesworth and Deborah
Charles Worth of recent evidence in molecular biology, which was written in the book (Evolution) issued by Oxford University Library.

(superfluid spacetime theory)

The superfluid space-time theory posits that the universe was born from the collapse of a large star, and the collection of stellar material exploding from the star. The hyperfluidic space produced by the collapse both produced dark matter. This is the motivating force for the acceleration and expansion of the universe as we know it at the present time, as space-time is a superfluid of new and strange theories in cosmology. This theory assumes that space and time are both highly fluid substances. This superfluidity means that the material behaves like a liquid in its properties, but with a viscosity of subzero. So that they show their ability to self-movement, and clearly defy the forces of gravity and surface tension, so that they flow without exposure, to any external friction forces. Then it assumes that in the case of the rotation of the universe, these materials, i.e. space and time, will be scattered in the form of different spiral vortices, so that these vortices become seeds for the structures of different and new galaxies.

(evolving universe theory)

This theory is based on the theory of the advanced universes that when matter is compressed, until it reaches extremely high densities at the center of any black hole. This material may bounce back as a natural reaction to the great force acting on it, creating a very small and very new universe. These physical laws may differ slightly and randomly in the new universe from the parent universe´-or-the old universe. Which proves the evolution of the universes greatly, and this is what the scientist "Lee Smolin" mentioned in a research published.

(cosmic ghost theory)
Scientists have imagined that there is a strange cosmic ghost behind the origin of the universe, and there are 3 puzzles in modern cosmology that can be placed in a curriculum and in a specific framework. It is the ghost theory. After modifying Einstein’s general theory of relativity, a group of physicists found a strange substance that appears through their new theory, which they called: Ghost Condensate, and this substance can produce a great reverse gravity that leads to cosmic inflation, which occurred at the Big Bang and caused the expansion of the universe. Later, it also produced a large amount of black energy, in addition to the fact that if these materials agglomerated by mixing them together, they could be this dark matter.
(Entangled Principal Theory)
This theory, entangled branes, explains how the Big Bang was caused by the collision of our universe. We live in another strange universe, and then these collisions between the different universes were repeated. This resulted in many great explosions that occurred over time, although this assumption is correct. This means that the universe will be eternal, and it will never have an end no matter what happens.
(searching puzzlement)

I wonder with you what compresses matter in black holes?
Assuming the validity of the Big Bang theory, then the relationship between heat and light is an inverse relationship-;- Where the universe lived in the dark ages due to the absence of atoms and light due to the high temperature to the point of instability of the electrons in their orbits, and then the temperature decreased-;- Where atoms were created, and these parts created atoms, atoms of hydrogen and helium.

If we can measure the temperature of the black hole, can we solve the mystery of the "end of the world" and know when the nearest black hole will attract us?
Is there another life after death in black holes?
Is there death in the universe?

How did gravity, energy and matter begin?
Through what I researched in physics and philosophy of science, I concluded the following:-
1 - There is a very strong possibility of the illusion of death-;- Yes, there is no death´-or-end of the universe.
2- The three elements (coldness, gravity, and an unknown physical law) are what attract matter and energy into the black hole.
3- The unknown physical law often affects the evolution that occurs due to the explosion of the first star and the production of the first elements of life.
4- Each black hole has its own physical law that affects the evolution of organisms in its own small world formed by the explosion in response to the enormous pressure of matter.
5- If we deduce the mysterious physical law that governs the black hole that exploded and created our world-;- We will know what our common ancestor is.

My enlightened reader tried with me to answer my questions,

Does time have several elements that we are all ignorant of. One of those elements is the one who controls the speed of mutations. If we know this influence, we will accelerate DNA mutations and reveal the secret of the common ancestor of life forms on Earth.....?

The tides and the length of the day change due to the constant law of gravity with the passage of time, the process of "regression with adjustment," as Darwin called it, and there is one´-or-several physical laws that cause evolution. If we discover these laws, will we know our common ancestor.....?

If the reason for the slow mutations is what prevents us from understanding the secret of the origin of species and the reason is the presence of a template for copying DNA, then errors are rare-;- What if we transcribe DNA without a template, as is the case with RNA in viruses, so they evolve quickly and it is difficult to make a vaccine for them-;- Will we know the answer to the young children s question "Where did we come from...?"...?

I invite every brilliant mind to try to ask and answer questions to solve this puzzle.
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