Fraud prevails in the Iraqi elections..

Najah Mohammed Ali

2021 / 12 / 21

Writer and researcher specializing in Iranian and regional affairs, terrorism and liberation movements
Some underestimate the importance of the assertion of the Shiite political forces that defend the Popular Mobilization, the existence of a conspiracy targeting the crowd after the completion of the parliamentary elections that were widely tampered with. Some say that the assertion of the Al-Fateh Alliance, for example, especially its leader, Hadi Al-Amiri, that there was a conspiracy aimed at dissolving the Popular Mobilization under the pretext of merging it with other security forces, was not just electoral propaganda.

On the basis of “imposing the impossible is not impossible”, if we assume that the warning of a conspiracy targeting the popular crowd was electoral propaganda, what is the harm in that as long as the conspiracy actually exists and was confirmed after the elections in light of this international and regional scramble led by the axis. The American-Israeli Saudi and the demands for the dissolution of the popular mobilization that aborted their project represented by the establishment of the state of ISIS in Iraq and the Levant.
What is the harm when the Iraqi voter was reminded of the danger of ISIS terrorism and its return if the presence of the crowd was ended with flimsy pretexts and excuses that only serve this axis and its affiliates in the region, and only leads to the rise of ISIS again.

On these fears, the Al-Fateh Alliance warned that the elections might be subject to fraud, as long as the entire electoral process, from beginning to end, is not in safe hands.
And since electoral propaganda at that time consisted in electoral activities and events that adhere to the provisions of the law, carried out by party bodies, electoral lists and candidates, with the aim of explaining their electoral programs and inviting the public to vote for them, the Al-Fateh Alliance’s warning at the time of the presence of local forces unfortunately coincided with what the axis planned The American-Israeli-Saudi, regarding the future of the Popular Mobilization, which is organized by a law approved by Parliament, and that is why the necessary number should have been entered into Parliament to reconsider the Popular Mobilization.

On these fears, the Al-Fateh Alliance warned that the elections might be exposed
Yes, the enemies of Iraq, led by the American occupier, Saudi Arabia and Israel, and the followers and agents deployed in all the cavities of the political process and its main joints, and other countries in the region, see the Popular Mobilization as the only force that stands as an impenetrable dam that prevents the achievement of its goals in Iraq, so they are working to create tensions Security between other security services and the Popular Mobilization, and between them and the resistance factions, and they believe that this has achieved their goals and objectives, and paved the way for rigging the elections that were neither free nor fair.
That is why the voter was supposed to bear the greatest responsibility in maintaining the security institution of the Popular Mobilization, by going intensively and consciously to the polls and electing those who reject the dissolution and integration of the Popular Mobilization, in accordance with the statement of His Eminence, Kazem Al-Hairi, who prohibited the election of those who are hostile to the forces of the Popular Mobilization as protectors. The homeland and values,´-or-whoever hides behind the claims of merging the crowd with other security forces to weaken´-or-dilute it, in an effort to please foreign enemies and corrupt people who are preparing for deception in Iraq and to fight its values, its mujahideen and its righteous people.

Now the political leaders must remain fully vigilant, unite themselves and not allow the enemies of Iraq who are waiting for opportunities to pounce on them and scatter their ranks, and hurry to form the most numerous parliamentary bloc, and prevent the passing of their plans, after they have failed in other aspects.

His Eminence Al-Ha’eri, whose fatwa obligates imitators and others, emphasized the necessity of effective and broad participation in the elections by going to the polls and expressing opinions and not being lenient in that. He considered that it is obligatory to bring to Parliament competent believers, who aim to serve their country and people honestly and faithfully, and who are known for their good conduct among the people and who are far from the influences of the arrogant.
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