Mahmoud Said Kawash

2021 / 12 / 13

By: Mahmoud Said Kawash

(In the memory of my beloved youngest brother Amer, who passed away on September 17, 2015, may Allah, the Almighty have mercy on him and make heaven his resting place. Mercy to you, a thousand million mercy and mercy!!)

For your absence,
A thousand lumps invade me and infiltrate my heart,
A thousand sounds reside in the veins of my body,
A thousand peaks,
A thousand stars,
A thousand million peaks and stars.

On the lips of figs and olives a thousand palms sang,
A thousand vineyards,
A thousand million palm trees and vines.

A thousand candles are lit for your soul,
A thousand candles,
A thousand tears have been shed for you,
A thousand eyes cried and mourned for you,
A thousand eyes and tears,
A thousand million eyes and tears.

O bud of morning and all the light,
O beloved of Allah and all the prophets,
You are the most precious person,
You are the epitome of pride.

O symbol of honour and manner,
O laurel wreath and redemption,
You are all love, altruism and purity,
You are all serenity and splendour,
And every sweet mind soars all around,
And reaches the heights in the far sky.

A thousand million hearts strive for you,
Stoop, sing and step towards you,
A thousand million chests yearn for you,
Beat for you and chant with your name.

A thousand million kisses on your cheek,
And a kiss more,
A thousand million smiles for your soul,
And a smile more,
A thousand million whispers in your ear,
And a whisper more.

Have mercy,
A thousand million mercy,
And a mercy more,
A thousand million tears have to be shed for you,
And a tear more.
Mercy to you, a thousand million mercy and mercy!!

Mahmoud Said Kawash
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