My Paradise , Soad Al-Sabah

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef

2021 / 8 / 4

My paradise

Soad Al-Sabah
Translated by Mohammad Abdul-Karem Yousef (2021)

My paradise is a hut, desert and roses
A beloved who is my Lord and my servant,

A dreaming poetic morning
In which I sing of love and enchant ,
I refrain restrictions from my freedom
Liar is the one who said that love is a chain 
What eyes does he have! What would they do with me!
They have all warmth, radiance, and happiness. 
And my lover and me, with wishes, are tyrannts
The desert is mine, and I
Make sand castles, and I
Sit on their peaks and appear in the majesty of king, 
I see the cactus my sweetest adornment
It is my crown, anklet, and necklace
I see the wilderness as a blooming garden,
I am in it a doe playing and jogging 

Oh my love! These are our dreams!
If only dreams would come true.
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