Happy Year

Mohammad Ab-dul Karem Yousef

2021 / 8 / 1

Happy Year
Soad Al Sabah
Translated by Mohammad Abdul Karem Yousef (2021)
Happy year
Happy year
I prefer to say to each other-;-
"Happy love".

How narrow are the words when we say them like others.
I don t want my emotions to be
A copy of the wishes of others.
I reject the love that is packaged in postcards.


I love you at the beginning of the year.
I love you at the end of the year.
Love is greater than all times.
And love is wider than all places.
So I prefer to tell each other:
"Happy love"


Love thar revolts against theatrical rituals in speech.
Love that revolts against norms.
against the roots.
against the system .
Love that tries to change everything
In the dictionaries of love.

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