Tell me, Soad Al Sabah

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef

2021 / 7 / 13

Translared by Mohammad Abdul karem Yousef.(2021)

Tell me,
Did you fall in love with another woman before me?
A woman that loses her mind in a state of love?
Tell me..Tell me
How does a woman turn into a jasmine tree when she is in love?


Tell me
How stark is the resemblance
Between the origin and the shadow?
Between the eye and the eyeliner?
How does a woman in love become a replica of her lover?

Tell me a language that no other woman has ever heard of it...
Take me....towards an island of love..
That never be haunted by anyone other than me...

Take me to a talk beyond the-limit-s of poetry...

Tell me that I am the first love.
Tell me that I am the first promise.

Distil love droplets in my ears,
Plant a moon in my eyes,
One love phrase from you
equals the world.

O! You who dwells like a rose
deep down in my heart,
O! You who plays like a child on
my eyes,

You re weird like Child,
You are as fierce as a wave,
You are as gentle as sand,
Don t be bothered with my longings,
Repeat. Always repeat my name,
In the hours of dawn.. In night hours, I may not master the art of silence..

Forgive my ignorance...
Search....Search all Earth,
You will never find a female
Like me...

You are my Love . Never leave me,
Drink my patience like palm trees.
I am you..

How can I differentiate,
between the original
the shadows?

Souad Al-Sabah
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