Ethiopia and the Dam: Exploding the Contradiction between North and South of the Continent

Hatem Elgoharey

2021 / 5 / 31

The "European Question" produced throughout its long history of racial, epistemological, and diverse civilization transcendence-;- several syndromes towards the other in our Arab, Eastern and African countries.
With regard to Africa, there were several determinants governing the representations of the "European question" according to the interest. Towards the Arabs in the north of the continent, the "European question" developed the consolidation of fear of Islam, and what was known as "Islam phobia", although the phenomenon of Arab extremism and militancy on a religious background appeared when America adopted the Afghan resistance and the influx of Arab mujaheddin against the Soviet occupation.
And when they returned to their country, the "European question" contributed to fueling the phenomenon through several methods, including intelligence recruitment and putting some of them under control to use when needed and pumping money and weapons as well. Western support for power monopolization policies in some countries contributed to the consolidation of "social marginalization" that encourage rebellion against society and its rejection, and contributed to impoverishment policies in general through global financial instruments, by supporting monetary, financing and lending policies that do not encourage independent development and a productive research economy, as it supported the policies of impoverishment, lending, dependency, and consumption.
And towards Africans in the south and center of the continent-;- the "European Question" has developed a purely racist perception based on a stereotype that places them in a lower order and portrays them as thieves with-limit-ed capabilities and talents, always inclined to violence and hatred, and the truth is that this misconception falls on the hand of the "European Question" as well. It dealt with blacks even Recently, as second-class citizens, they enslaved them in the fields and factories, and whoever left that circle would become a hunted and live with his peers in areas isolated from white areas, always haunted by looks of doubt and fear, and he did not find a fair opportunity to explore his abilities and obtain what he deserves in life.
The question now that must be -dir-ected to Ethiopia and its ruling elite: Was it not better for the north of the continent to cooperate with its center and south? Was it not better to stop the politics of hatred and the ancient Ethiopian culture that considers the Nile River a traitorous river, which stems from the south to pour its goodness in the north!
There were between Egypt in the north and Ethiopia in the south a lot of common denominators that could be worked on. Each of the two countries was subjected to oppression and the transcendence of the "European question" and its cultural syndromes. The oppressed could have united in the face of European centralism and arrogance.
However, Ethiopia chose to nurture its inherited historical cultural complexes against Egypt, and open its doors to another representation of racial European transcendence, which is Zionism and its racist state "Israel" that kills the Palestinians in cold blood and usurps their land every day, in order to ally with it against Egypt, and adopts building a package of Dams What is known as the "Renaissance Dam" is nothing but its forerunner, realizing an old European colonial scheme to strangle Egypt by cutting off the Nile from it.
It was more appropriate for the Ethiopians to transcend their historical cultural knots towards Egypt, instead of feeding it and turning it into a nationalist drive that sharpens the collective sense of the Ethiopian people.
It may still be possible. We say to the Ethiopians extend your hand with peace and love, and stop using the "Renaissance Dam" as a political tool to impose influence and break the will. Do not force us to take a single path against you, do not use the African -union- as a Trojan horse, and have some strength for peace and courage to reconcile with oneself.
Remove your hand from the alliance with European colonialism and Zionism, and do not be a tool to besiege Egypt, the center of resistance in North Africa and the Arab world for occupation and Western influence throughout its history.
Help us-;- let us work together to overcome the “European question” and its cultural syndromes that accompanied it, let us enter together into the “world beyond the European question,” transcending European representations with its rigid materialist philosophy, whether in liberal´-or-Marxist politics alike, they are two sides of the same coin.
Together, we anticipate a new world with a new value and ethical philosophy that goes beyond the murderous European materialism and its "borderline dualities" that it has applied in all aspects of life.
I tell them Egypt will resolve its crisis by uniting it with its "repository of identity" and in defense of all the potentials of the Arab and African region, and you are now only a tool in the hand of colonialism.
You are reproducing colonialism and the "European question" and their contradictions-;- we want to cross the world to a new horizon, towards a "post-European question" world.
Egypt will defend all the components of the African and Arab incubator against colonialism and its tools, and do not make us believe that the path to freedom and a "post-European question" world, and the dismantling of its cultural correlations, on top of which is Zionism, must pass through the liberation of the river from its captivity and its liberation from the stones of the dam and its hidden hatred.
Together we can become stronger-;- don t force us on a single path
Do not let the Zionist white man create a division between us, between the north and the south of the continent, do not implement the scheme to explode the contradictions between us, do not adopt the “slave-and-master” dialectic of the hateful “European question”.
Do not force Egypt on a single path of life, liberating the river from the abominable dam’s stones.
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