Hesbollah Analysis

Sameer Hasan

2021 / 5 / 16

Throughout the history of Shia, the majority sector has been subjected to oppression among the population of Lebanon. This does not mean that all Shia are workers and peasants. There were only few wealthy Shia families, merchants and middle-class professionals, but a large section of Shia belonged to the lower classes comparing to other religious communities in Lebanon. The Shia were represented among the working classes in the backward agricultural and industrial sectors than their proportion to the population.

Nasrallah was born in southern Lebanon. He lived in a village that suffers from poverty and marginalization. He helped his father in selling vegetables and fruit. First, Nasrallah did not have a leading role in Hezbollah because he was only 22 years old. His role was-limit-ed to mobilizing fighters, fighting and establishing military cells. After the assassination of Abbas al-Musawi in 1992, he was elected as Secretary-General, despite his youth, he had the necessary influence and sense of responsibility, and the wise leadership. Politicians view Hassan Nasrallah as one of the few figures with his threats and promises intimidate Israel.

Economic conditions, marginalization, social injustice´-or-generally injustice are the basis of all problems in this world. All reasons of wars´-or-problems occurred in history are economic, the economy leads politics. But Middle East Region has its own history and culture. So, this study deal with Hezbollah and cultural and political gap in understanding it and the speeches and words of Nasrallah.

Full research on : https://www.scribd.com/document/506588469/The-Comprehensive-Analytical-Review-of-Hezbollah-and-Cultural-and-Political-Gap-in-Understanding-it

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