Mahmoud Said Kawash

2021 / 4 / 12

Poem by: Mahmoud Said Kawash

When your absence complies with me in the presence of longing
The letters of my poem wear your perfume
The strings of pens head on lines towards you
To form a letter that leans on my soft spring shadow
Which searches for you behind the desert silence
To let me live in an oasis of leaves
I water with a blossom that bears the flavor of my blood

My nostalgia for you is a letter which pours out the river of my flowers
Draws the first smile that sees the sunrise of life
As if you are the first word to inhabit the dictionary of love
The moment in which my eyes fall a
The vision which reflects itself on the edge of my pen
The ink pot that utters the meanings carrying your flavour
Most probably the spirit was indwelling you until it touched you to give birth

Yes, I will break silence as long as you are with me
To practice the ritual of splashing ink with you
To stimulate poetically the pulse of moments inside you
And no matter how the footsteps of that pen go, I will travel with you
To share my covenant with you
To keep pouring my soul with you
To draw you letters in the colour of the sky

Oh man, whom I failed to place in my chest, so my poetry recited him
My message to you is sinking between a dream and a sea of papers!!
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