No More America!

Abdullah Marei

2021 / 1 / 13

In its foreign policy worldwide, the United States managed to maintain a level of self respect. Wherever it presented itself, nobody could mess with the US´-or-anything it represented. Not the Russians, not the Chinese and most definitely, not the Europeans.

The US acted as if it is the administrator of the world and managed to assume the position with matching performance. It managed to deliver up until Bush junior involved it in orchestrating the war on Iraq and, more notably, the war on terrorism.

The US led the world into an era, not of romanticism, enlightenment nor of modernism but one of terrorism. Undeniably, terrorism marks history today. Orchestrators know first hand, it is a make believe but since the administrator decided, it became.

The US has lost so many lives as precious as those counted in as collateral damage, and exhausted its economy to the extent of hitting rock bottom under the guise of fighting terrorism all over the world.

The Russians and the Chinese know very well, combating terrorism was the Carte Blanche for the US to invade just about any country. Advocate human rights, democratization and fighting terrorism with one hand, and rob the country of its riches with the other. Hence, their involvement in the Middle East, they want a slice too!

It is power play and the US must maintain the status of a world leader, politicians justify. However, the uncalculated decisions of the leadership has cost it quite a lot that the pyramid is about to collapse.

Trump, the cherry on the top, treated the US as private property and gambled with its destiny. Outcome is, the US has become the string puppet of Israel, losing its very essence on the way.

To serve the Zionist agenda, a lunatic must take office. Yet, it should not look like it is aimed at only that. Therefore, he had to take a bunch of stupid decisions to go with his character. The US of abundance, American dream and the rest of it, is now reduced into white supremacy, bigotry and discrimination, all of which have ironically intervened in the Middle East at large to establish the foundation of equity!

Each and every action dragging the US into a pond of running sand was backed by saving the interests of Israel in the region. If he helped Israel, he could mess up the US and and country he wished. After all, Israel comes first and Americans can wait.

The mayhem of invading the US Capitol was the last straw. Tainting the iconic US building symbolizes a fall like no other. The greatness of the US is now replaced with the image of a huge madhouse led by a madman, naturally, out of control. The US has become a joke and the world is laughing. Some deceitfully show support, but definitely laugh in private.

The loon, influenced by pathetic excuses for Arab leadership, refused to leave office and chose to make the US another corrupt dictatorship. Look the other way from murdering journalism because the murderer paid a hefty check, pardon war criminals who enjoyed taking lives of children in Iraq and ignore, just ignore Israeli crimes in Palestine. Stick to calling it a democracy, that will do.

The US which propagated democratic principles intervened in the Palestinian- Israeli conflict by ensuring to eradicate any sign of democracy the occupation state could have. In its own human rights reports, Israel calls itself an apartheid state. Yet, the US made the quest one of religion, where Islam must be fought in favor of Judaism. Democracy rested in peace in the time being.

Encouraging illegal settlements, moving its embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel and engineering spider web treaties with irrelevant parties, are all in violation of international laws. Israel is no longer-limit-ed to Palestine but can now expand to penetrate countries offering peace to take the world into an era of occupation, of war mongers without borders.

Obama, who acted white to fit in, made a treaty with Iran. Soon to be abolished. It advocated peace until further notice and Israel does not like that.

The speech of Netanyahu to the congress, repeating the word “reverberations” as many times as he could, translated into an order. The US waged war on Iraq and paid the price together with Iraq, with no weapons of mass destruction ever found. For Israel, it is the turn of Iran now. All it needs to do is give another order to the congress priding itself in being American!

The new American administration has a challenge to reinstate the US image into a world leader before the Russians, the Chinese and the frenemies of Israel seize the opportunity to devour it.

Will it have the courage to comply with international laws and abolish the Trump mess? Will it have the sanity to hold Israel accountable before it drags it into a Third World War? Will America take things in its own hands´-or-become no more?
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