Mahmoud Said Kawash

2020 / 12 / 8

Poem by: Mahmoud Said Kawash

How can I forget that quiet and romantic night
When my passion called me to the paradise
Of whose spectrum was mixed with my blood
I stood at her door and whispered
Come to the bosom where no one dares to blame

Showing no rejectionī-or-hesitation
She hurriedly collapsed and gave herself up
And threw herself in my arms
I sipped the nectar from her lips
So the spittle burst out of the mouth like honey
And she didnít express angerī-or-indignation

Stealing all warmth from her breast
And feeling as if my mouth was burned
I gathered all my courage to embrace her
She swayed brightly and showed all shyness
Then her cheeks seemed as red as the twilight sunset
And its remainder melted in the horizon of the sky

Helen, listen to my whisper in your ears
The flame of love penetrates my heart with pain
I finished my days and your promise is still silent
Hold on my guitar so that it doesnít crash

Helen, be patient and passionate
Hey, enough, you tormented me too much
Join me gently and generously to save my feelings
Havenít I woven my feelings a ladder for you to climb
Didnít I keep going and coming waiting your promised longing

I kissed her until I became drunken by her breathes
My limbs loosened and my thirst quenched
So, how can I forget that quiet night!!
Surely I canít!!

Mahmoud Said Kawash
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