Cynical Human Brotherhood At its Finest!

Abdullah Marei

2020 / 12 / 3

The scene at Dubai airport has become stunning. Emiratis, who are already very few, barely existed. The airport however flooded with Jews in every -dir-ection. They come from the smaller Israel in the making to pave way for the greater Israel.

You stand before the gates to be faced with kippas, payots and borsalinos. They are all one can see in the Arab, supposedly Islamic country airport. Haredi beards and women covers top to toe are no issue. As long as they are not affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood party, it is all good.

Muslims disappeared like rats reaching for their holes to avoid the stepping of Jewish large feet over them. They could still be sniffed, those noses cannot mistake the smell of a Muslim. Muslims grew belittled feeling rejected on their very own lands.

Finally, the UAE looks like an Israeli settlement, with the exception of being totally legal.
Cynical human brotherhood at its finest!

The Emirati populace, known to be extremely discriminatory against the other even if another Arab, is now open to non Arabs, only if their faith comes with sidelocks similar to pig tails.

The country which hierarchy goes like, locals on top of the list, the white man, followed by Asian workers, Pakistanis and bengalis, then Arabs at the bottom of the pyramid, brags today about placing Jews on the highest top, even before locals. Locals and the whites will end up serving Jews just like the conveniently written Torah says and the UAE is just the beginning.

Culture is opted out from the equation. Forcing Israelis on an Arab population despite the majority of suppressed opposition is not a recipe for sustainable peace. MBZ sought to score some points with the new White House administration by playing the anti- Islamism card in favor of Judaism and-limit-ing semitism to Jews while ignoring Arabs are equally Semitic.

Israelis know first hand that the Jewish population is barbaric and nothing can sugar coat that. Hence the appeal of Netanyahu to try improve that image in front of Emiratis so the experiment becomes a success.

Undoubtedly, what is bred in the bone will never go out of the flesh. Will Israelis, known to be cheapskates for as long as they existed, behave so that Bibi moves forward with his project?

Everyone seems to have a bad experience with Israelis. When on duty, they butcher kids, destroy homes, shoot civilians, massacre the goyim and practice pedophelia. When off duty, they steal beddings and amenities, destroy furniture, mate women like animals and act with the utmost vulgarity and -dir-tiness ever known to man. The one thing in common around the clock for Israelis is, when they occupy a place whether by force as in Palestine,-or-willingly as in the UAE, they never leave. Once they occupy a place, they claim it to the smallest detail, kick out its people and when faced with international laws, weep over the holocaust. That is the pattern and it takes a blind person to fail to see it, unless the UAE is ready for occupation.

The UAE locals who are used to the highest standards of living, who perfume buildings with incense as they go and who bother about nothing except consumption, are now faced with fierce competition, one that will place them way below. Will they be able to cope with Israeli barbarism? After all, they have never seen anything like it. Will they accept to become slaves when they never played but masters? How would the locals who were born into licking silver spoons revolt? And why is Israel risking the safety of some considerable Israeli population to be its guinea pig?

The easy come peace is an easy go. It is but a matter of time before Israelis transport the Arab Israeli conflict across the GCC countries and beyond. Soon enough, the Palestinian Israeli conflict will be replicated and soon enough the UAE will know what it is like to live under occupation. The sad news is, every Arab out there will be like, I told you so.
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