Mahmoud Said Kawash

2020 / 11 / 25

Poem by: Mahmoud Said Kawash

When the jasmine cries
Tears shed fluently now and then
Pain and impatience spread here and there
The place spits us out far away

When the jasmine cries
The hearts break, the minds fly and the bodies shiver
The feelings, desires and passions go back to the past
Security and safety desert us forever

When the jasmine cries
We miss the whisper, smile and tenderness
Joy leaves and the sorrow spreads all around
And we dream of the future without hope and contentment

O Damascene and Tunisian jasmine, donít cry
Donít be sadī-or-upset
Donít become depressedī-or-exhausted
Because of the calamities of aeon,
The recklessness of bats and crows,
And bunch of Arabists and traitors

-restore- to life its taste and elegance
So, with you, the voices of the pulpits rise
The bells ring in the churches
And the calls to prayers raise in the mosques
How much I adore you jasmine
How much I adore you

With you jasmine, the nightingales sing
The hoopoes hoop
The pigeons coo
And the sparrows tweet
With love, pleasure, longing and patience

The birds spread and chirp in the pastures
In the fields, orchards and gardens
On the bushes and branches of the trees
On the roofs of the castles and palaces
On the balconies of houses and cottages

With you jasmine the tongues go out from the quarries
The throats shout aloud with thanks and love of God
People become more beautiful, hopeful and faithful
Blessed with the worship of God and the love of the prophets
Blessed by the recitation and the intonation of the holy books

So, donít cry
O jasmine, donít ever cry
No, no, no, donít cry, now and forever!!

Mahmoud Said Kawash

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