Mahmoud Said Kawash

2020 / 11 / 2

Poem by: Mahmoud Said Kawash

I am here, my feet are confused in the momentum of conflict
I lament the insight and look for the way to escape from being lost
The insight is encircled by pits filled with the philosophy of deception
The vehicle of truth sinks, without a sail, into the sand

I am here, between my papers and my sick inkwell
My shades dry up over the remains of the old hooks
I doubt even in the remnants of people and sound ideals
My silence baffles among the echoes of the deep niches

Pain clashes in my soul and storms in my blood
Ghosts’ boilers boil in the corners of my funeral
The luster of the hypocrisy’s bracelet confuses the falsity of the scissor
So I return to devour -dir-t and abbreviate my silence

I am here, vainly trying to embrace my stars
Believing not in people who are eaten by echoes of vanity
Believing not in virtues lying among the folds of the scales
So, I do not ask norms about the noble ideals and values

Norms are dead and in people’s blood springs of vices flow
They died after missing their paths and losing all hopes
The laws of modesty dried up and shined like propaganda
Dull yesterday ceased to exist without a sign!!
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