Mahmoud Said Kawash

2020 / 10 / 18

Ahmad, The Arabian
By: Mahmoud Said Kawash

O Ahmad, The Arabian,
You are the conscience of homeland
The honour of nations
You are the altruism and chivalry
The Courage and initiation
You are a thousand towering mountains
And a thousand feet and summits
You are the moon
A shining light
A thousand glittering stars
A thousand olive trees
A thousand fig trees
A thousand grape trees
You are a thousand smiles
A warm whisper
A magic musical tune
And a distinguished lovely tone
O Ahmad, The Arabian,
You are a thousand million martyrs
Earth filled the championship
Generations learned how morals are
Patriotism and manhood
You are the title of glory
The symbol of civilisation
The role model of humanity
And the example for the new generation
Ahmad, The Arabian,
In Jerusalem, you are a bond and a mobilisation
Buzzing and roaring
Relentless pursuit for struggle
And freedom
In Cairo, you are patience and treachery hurt
Wisdom and farsightedness
Eyesight and insight
Scarf and necklace
In Damascus, you are boom and blast
Waterfall of heroism and energy
Glory and pride
And the call of a mighty giant
In Baghdad, you are a hurricane against evil
Thunder and lightning
Flames of anger
Fire and Light
In Beirut, you are a beacon of culture
Science and art house
Love, optimism and hope
Development and civilisation
In Sana’a, you are a bleeding wound
Pain, patience and hope
A burning ember
And a thousand of sparks
In Tunisia, you are an active ax
A pickaxe
A field for harvest
And sickle
In Algeria, you are the title of concord and reconciliation
Manhood and ideality
Pride and fairness
Leadership and good omen
In Amman, you are the address of magnanimity
Fragrant perfume
A gushing river
And pure water
In Kuwait, You are the mediator of reconciliation
Among the brothers and neighbours
The title of justice and equality
Luxury, comfort and prosperity
Security and stability
In other Arab countries, you are disappointment
Shame and dullness
Surrender, submissiveness and kneeling
Lack of respect and dignity
Lack of sovereignty and independence.

Note: "Civilisation, Mobilisation and Neighbourhood"´-or-"Civilization, Mobilization and Neighborhood", the first three words are English and the second three words are American.

Mahmoud Said Kawash

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