Anti- Emiratism the New Anti-Semitism

Abdullah Omar

2020 / 9 / 9

In a scene much similar to one extracted from the theatre of the absurd, the UAE took on the Israeli role penalizing anyone who dares speak out. The UAE, too, rose above the law by the support of the occupation state, which has been setting the example to dictatorships of the world over the past decades.

The UAE made peace with the Israelis as a means to legitimize occupation. In a human response, a Lebanese female singer supported Palestinians by a post, only to become the target of a social media-bullying campaign organized by the UAE. A Syrian female singer made a mistake liking the post and ended up suffering the same fate. Their gender, looks, voices, age and honor have all been attacked in the most horrific manner. No human rights, freedom of expression´-or-gender-equity entity intervened to condemn the UAE. Both singers had to take back their support to Palestinians and declare their unprecedented support of the bully, the UAE. Rings a bell?

Not so long ago, an international campaign has been formed to criminalize criticism of Israel as Anti-Semitism. Israeli crimes have so far bypassed the international law, human rights and every single instrument serving to put an end to barbarism in 2020. Whether it’s home demolition, midnight raids, arrest of children as young as eight years old, torture, sexual assault of prisoners, organ- trafficking´-or-killing of civilians in broad daylight. You name it and you will find Israelis to have committed it and continued to do so.

The vision of Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the UN to mention a few becomes quite blurred when Israel commits the crime. It has become a fact more established than earth being spherical, Israel can get away with just about anything. Israeli crimes are justified in the name of God, a God no different than that worshipped by ISIS. Yet, in the case of Israel, God is no issue. Under his name, a holy war can be waged, lives can be taken, and homelands stolen.

Rick Wiles dared speak out, “the easy way to know if you are controlled is when there is somebody´-or-something you’re not allowed to criticize. If you live in America, who can’t you criticize? The Jewish lobby!”
Does it stop at America? Hell, no! Who can’t you criticize if you live anywhere in the first world countries of today? The answer is standard, Israel!

The newly adopted puppy has decided to take after its owner. The UAE, known to be a dictatorship behind skyscrapers and nightclubs, decided to become untouchable. Why not? As in buying a ridiculously expensive item to feel superior, being untouchable sure gives a sense of superiority.

Like Israel, the UAE is involved in the new-world wars. Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Egypt, Syria and of course Iraq. The destabilization of the region, initially owed to Israel, is now attributed to two parties, one above the other. Human rights violations, war crimes, ghost facilities allocated to torture, forced disappearance and money laundering stand witnesses to the crimes of the UAE.

Building of the state on forged history and stolen antiques from all over the world puts the UAE in a status not far from that of Israel. The peace agreement between the UAE and Israel is not only force-fed to Palestinians, but is also force-fed to emiratis themselves. UAE citizens, too scared to speak out, are subject to surveillance around the clock, using Israeli systems. UAE citizens are denaturalized the minute they chance criticizing the UAE´-or-its policies. Underground prisons and prisons in the middle of nowhere can well take care of the job to hide somebody´-or-just end their life.

On the façade however, the UAE markets itself as the country promoting human brotherhood, peace and prosperity. The country, which founded actual ministries for happiness and tolerance, has zero tolerance to criticism and severe allergy to human rights. Happiness to the UAE is a matter of obligation. A citizen who declares being unhappy is surely penalized out of the scope of law.

There’s no question about the UAE and Israel deserving each other. Still, if they live happily ever after, will they leave the world to live in peace? Corona teaches us, when a virus is left to multiply, the consequences are always -dir-e, on a global level! Covid-19 masks are temporary and could help us stay safe. Dictatorship masks, however, get freedom of expression to cry out loud, I CAN’T BREATHE!
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