From Facebook to Virtual Sociology

Hatem Elgoharey

2019 / 11 / 19

In the new issue of the Egyptian magazine "Contemporary Thought", i published a new study entitled: From Facebook to Virtual Sociology. In which I seek to monitor and establish and emergence of the field of virtual sociology, which is by definition: "the human science interested in monitoring the logic of the existence of individuals on social media, the goals, the pros and cons, and the most important ways to -dir-ect this presence (or virtual society) for the common good and for the better of humanity”.
The study links the emergence of this field with two new factors-;- which are the prevalence of multiple and open social media via modern mobile devices as a first factor, and the emergence of behavior patterns associated with the prevalence of these social media as a second factor. It then gave the virtual sociology a definition that relates it to researching the logic that governs the new social relationships, and ways to guide it through theoretical adjustment.
Therefore, the study observed the beginning of the negative features that were common in these social media and the behavior patterns that appeared in them, and then it assumed a theoretically principle called "rationalization and -function-alism" To adjust the behavior patterns, and listed its suggested features and tools, finally, the study dealt with the relationship between the state and the virtual society, referring to several concepts, including influence and virtual loyalty, and the need to define values on the virtual society, and ways to pave the way between traditional state institutions and benefit from that new and growing world..
The study found that virtual sociology is a new and very important area, which needs a lot of work and studies to make it in favor of the former human accumulation, especially that - according to the study – it showed many promising signs and self-correct, but it will need the awareness of the importance of positive and negative engagement by people, and It will need an effort to develop the concepts of theoretical adjustment, besides the mechanisms of natural evolution at the applied level ..

In other words, the courage referring to subjective patterns that resemble obsession and interact in a closed absurd circle,´-or-pseudo-support communities which practices its existence as a cult that only believes itself and is isolated from the world. The virtual community is actually looking for a system of "new virtual values" which based on open community dialogue between all parties, this system is to -restore- the balance, momentum and vitality of contemporary life.
Ideally, virtual sociology is supposed to be the tool by which formal and informal factors intervene in solidarity, in a common and consensual formula, in order to make a breakthrough in a postmodernism world through its stereotyping of the human existence. Virtual sociology is supposed to bring things back to its normal course, and humanize the new society.
The study consists of four parts, first, the two determinants of the emergence of virtual sociology, which consists of: from class division to social spreading- appearance of behavior patterns - establishing the term.
Second, behavior patterns features, which consist of: continuity and availability - permanent presence on the "public platform" - self centralization and the marginalization of the other- multiple patterns of self-existence.
Third, in way to adjust and theory, which consists of: rationalization and -function-alism – from criticism to construction – from instantaneous cleansing to purposeful activity- re-characterization of ethics - employing heritage in the virtual community - the emergence of a new system of virtual values - evolution of virtual social forms.
Fourthly, the existence of the state and its role in the virtual society, which consists of: traditional state and virtual society infrastructure – virtual influence and virtual loyalty - target audience of virtual infrastructure - virtual forms as a lever for the traditional state - the condition turns forms into a lever.
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