Trump is an unreliable ally ...

Jalal Alasady

2019 / 8 / 23

The Trump figure is a controversial one . His personality is of two-dimensions -;- the first political and the second commercial as he was a businessman before his presidency in the United States -;- nevertheless he was , in my opinion, sincere with his people and fulfilled most of his electoral promises . For instance, he promised not to pay any protection to anyone without being paid so he did , and for sure he would continue to do so . The worst of the Trump personality is the commercial side , he practiced blackmail toward America s traditional allies specially The Gulf ones . He managed to absorb billions of dollars in arms deals from Saudis and other Gulf states, providing thousands of jobs for Americans as he promised during his electoral campaign . He also exploited the crisis of the Strait of Hormuz and used his preferred language in extortion to address Europeans, Japanese and Nubian Koreans : If you want to be protected you should pay, otherwise let your warships come to protect your tankers ° we protect no one anymore. Consequently , allied countries such as Germany and Japan were asked to participate in providing protection for ships in the Strait , Germany refused thatí s why relations between the two countries worsened . Moreover, Trump does not believe in war as a means of dealing with international crises, therefore he has used his preferred weapon, namely sanctions . Previously he used it against Russia , N. Korea and now against Iran . With regard to Iran, harsh sanctions appear to have achieved their goals and the Iranian economy has started to suffer a lot and the currency continues to fall and inflation is increasing , forcing the government to -print- a local currency not backed by a gold cover . Now the situation is a little bit mysterious and wobbling . Tensile and attraction between the two parties is at its utmost . In fact , no one can predict what would happen specially after the release of the Iranian tanker despite US opposition , and the exchange of statements and threats between the two parties, especially by the Iranian side . Although Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said Iran would not start a war but would defend itself , Iran has offered a new home-made air missile system which would mount tensions in the region . Maybe there is something under the table that foreshadows some sort of solution to the crisis . Who knows ? Everything is possible . We hope that wisdom and reason will overcome impulsivity and recklessness .
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