It is time to amend the UN Charter - to stop terrorism

Salah El Din Mohssein

2019 / 8 / 18

It is time to amend the UN Charter - to stop terrorism

By Author , Salah El Din Mohssein


leaders of the states have a tied hands that not can make decisive decisions towards terrorism and the terrorists for the peace

as a simple example .. they are Unable to stop the creeping problems of veils and Niqab

There is a clause in human rights charters issued by UN . Tied their hands

it s clause 18 (“Everyone has the right to freedom of manifestation of his´-or-her religion´-or-belief in worship, practice, education, alone´-or-in community, in public, etc.)”

, according this clause to which the terrorists can assess their prayers in the streets , public squares in Europe and America, .. no one dares to prevent them! because they are acting under this clause ..! They can do the same thing in a nightclub , restaurant´-or-in the workplaces

That clause acknowledges and calls for respect some old things , born since many centuries of years of . these things are contrary to modern science. It contradicts the realities of our period . these old things.

clause 18 provides for the duty and right to observe obsolete beliefs. Respect for the rights of those who adhere to the explicit terrorism. and rituals lag

right to observe obsolete beliefs. Respect for the rights of those who adhere to the explicit terrorism. and rituals lag. Sacred texts call for wars, assault on property , money , life of others, captivity and enslavement of those who do not follow these religions . It also includes texts that are myths. and regulation of slavery and the slave trade

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The text of that clause 18 must be amended

Religious beliefs date back to pre-modern science. It contradicts its facts, and contradict many of its texts with human rights charters issued by the United Nations, in justice and equality

for the peace of the world , to prevent obstruction of nations and peoples which seeking for progress. Decides to amend the text of this clause 18 . as follows

Member States must amend their constitutions in accordance with secular governance and modern life. It does not take any reference in its laws with any of the texts of those ancient beliefs

must forbidden to teach beliefs in schools, institutes´-or-universities. The existing ones are -convert-ed to modern civic



It is prohibited for parents to teach their children any of these beliefs. every parents may practice their faith outside seeing and hearing of their children.. Until they are 18 years of age


Prohibition and criminalization of making people hated the life,´-or-calling them to abandon. And criminalize glorifying retirement from life In collective and organized processes


Member States of the United Nations. Not to place a religion in the civil identity of its citizens.´-or-in any official documents. As well as the adoption of civil marriage only. The prohibition and criminalization of religious marriage based on the texts of doctrines established before the invention of the steam machine and the bicycle


All doctrine arose before the scientific proof of the spherical Earth and its following to the sun , before other scientific theories such as the theory of gravity , the theory of relativity .. the theory of the origin of species, and before the discovery of electricity and lasers. And electron. Internet and mobile, and do not include those doctrines in recognition of those sciences. They contradict them. It is the doctrine of anti-modern life, and attracts the human race back to the period of darkness. the activity of such ideologies must be prohibited and their advocacy´-or-propaganda prohibited. not promote their publications

Those who wish to uphold beliefs that have existed thousands and hundreds of years ago. must ready for relinquishing the using of any of the modern inventions that were based on science not familiar with their religions. And contradict them and lie - religions that lie science and lies. Modern governments have the right to prevent them from using mobile phones, aircraft, cars, motorcycles´-or-bicycles. Electric washing machine, vacuum cleaner, elevators .. they must not ask for treatment by using tools . and not means of medicine in modern hospitals.
Either they keep up with modernity.´-or-go back to forests, deserts and caves

The worst and most dangerous of those who hinder the liberation of peoples and humanity from the enslavement of religions are the rulers of access aimes -religus Hypocrisy - Those who agree with believers in religions in order to obtain their electoral votes, and to ally themselves with the religions and the clergy, to normalize the people to be patient with the corruption, injustice and tyranny of these rulers
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