The 2019 EU election and the dangerous frontiers

Abdelgawad Sayed

2019 / 6 / 4

The 2019 EU election and the dangerous frontiers
The European -union- has been saved this time, but is still surrounded by dangerous frontiers from all sides.Populists moved forward , but they did not get the expected third, they only moved from 24% of the seats of the last parliament to about 29% seats of this one. A small portion that does not match up to the big propaganda they are making. However Europe has resisted from within, while its dangerous frontiers are still growing and pressuring, the chaotic African immigration from the West, Islam from the South, and Putin-Trump understanding from the East, Europe is still in danger.
From all these dangerous frontiers, the southern Islamic is the most dangerous one, as it is the most motivating to populism, It brings back the historical enmities and vicious impulses of religion and nationalism, and enables persons like, Salvini, Lopane and Orban, to launch a new crusade on the world. Most populists have Putin -Trump ties and intend to destroy the EU from inside, as the only peaceful and democratic bloc, they all hate it.
African immigration, even chaotic and disturbing, Is decreasing and can be handled by more economic and political investments, the East frontier where Putin-trump are conspiring, giving the fact that their era will not permanently exist, can be protected by a solid political position and some military show, but the Islamic southern frontier is really a dilemma , as it is an ideological frontier, not only a political failure´-or-a temporary conspirac, where political Islam is expected to continue hitting without stop.
European lenient attitude with political Islam gives rise to both populism and political Islam itself. Europe still not denouncing Muslim brotherhood as a terrorist group, making difference between moderate and extreme political Islam, which is wrong, still giving shelters to Islamists as political refugees and still dealing with them as a dominant factor in the middle East policies, not realizing that time changed, and new secular generations have existed, and that they need guidance and support, to prevail and secure its vulnerable frontier.
Abdelgawad Sayed.
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