Mighty (Yes) & Mighty (No)

Freeyad Ibrahim

2017 / 12 / 16

Mighty (Yes) & Mighty (No)

poem by: Freyad Ibrahim


All wars and refugee crisis
Originally are caused by the two major mights
US &Russia
Every NO from one side
is countered by a big YES
from the other side,
and the Peoples on the whole globe
are torn between the two
mighty YES and mighty NO
That’s why disasters continue
Bloodshed, no bread, and dead
Both natural and man-made
Time the ‘NO’s and the ‘YES’s
(I) to be replaced by (WE)
and (HIS) by (OURS)
then say to the WARS:
Good bye to you
*(Freeyad Ibrahim: is a Dutch , secular writer, author-novelist, translator, poet, political analyst, and essayist.)

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