Some Idiots Called Kurds Nomads!!

Freeyad Ibrahim

2011 / 6 / 19

Some Idiots Called Kurds Nomads!!
First of all thanks for your letter. In your odd letter you have asked some questions which needed my reply. Here are my answers:
You asked: ( So, Why do you write in Arabic?)
I : Because I like it
You said: ( From What I know Zaradisht was Percian, )
I say : He inhabited in Persia but he was a Kurd.
You claimed: ( Ahmad Shawki was Turkish, lived in Ehypt, and had all the respect, and still respected, and no body deny his nationality,..)
I correct: (His father is from Sulaimanyya city north Iraq , he migrated to Egypt in the beginning of the last century, his mother is Turkish .)
You asked: ( Kurds live and prosper all over the Arab world, and keep their names, can we live peacefully in Kurdistan?)
My answer: (Thousands who could not find piece in the other parts or are threatened by their Arab brothers came and still come to live and reside in Kurdistan, just pay a visit to there once to see yourself, my dear, maybe you could change your mind.)

You lied : ( History says Kurds are Persian nomads, first mentioned by the Arab historians...)
My fair and square reply is: ( you are quite ignorant, because history says that : The Kurds founded Median Empire, the kingdom Media in the north of the present Iran. The kingdom existed at 728 BC until 550 BC. Their first king was Phraortes, He united the tribes drove away the Assyrirs. He was followed through its son Deioces. Deioces Ruled 675-646 BC he was the founder of the kingdom Media and his capital Ecbatana. In 614 BC he has defeated the Assyrirs definitive and destroyed their capital Assur. In 612 BC he has destroyed the city Nineve.
I recommend you to reconsider your accusations and ponder your words.We are the oldest known civilised folk on earth. You and alike can deny us but never confirm your ridiculous racial discriminating views . )
You produced incoherent expressions and attacked unreasonably :
( any way you represent yourself, only, nobody else, Arabs, Turk, percian,...will live together peacefully and ask for freedom, keep your hate for yourself..)
You see I defend myself peacefully, listen then:
( As if you are hallucinating. What hate you talk about? Have you indicated any hostile elements in my text? Think, balance your words before you speak, otherwise you lose your sense and announce nonsense.
Thanks any way.
Freeyad Ibrahim
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