He told me... Soad Al-Sabah

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2021 / 7 / 24

He told me...
Soad Al-Sabah
Translatef by Mohammad A Yousef,2021

Who is the all-knower of the taste of a beautiful kiss, told me,
That there is a fountain of sapphire and amber in my mouth.
If roses ring to her hot breath, they will evaporate,
If the monk approached her,
He would forget the monastery and get intoxicated.
Every letter of the yield of your mouth is cube of sugar,
Beware that if a breeze touches it, it falls apart,
You, my femme glamour, are sweeter and brighter than the world,
Your smiles make the universe green like paradise,
To me , you are a wish sweeter than love, and greater..

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