The Comprehensive Analytical Review of Hezbollah and Cultural and Political Gap in Understanding it

Sameer Hasan
2021 / 5 / 12

The aim of this study is to present a comprehensive analytical review of Hezbollah and to deal with the cultural and political gap in understanding it, analytical method is used and academic journals, references, books, studies, reports etc. are used to collect information about the study subject including Hezbollah establishment and history, the concept of resistance in Shia thought, and cultural and political gap. The study concluded that there is an integrated personality of Nasrallah, threat level by Hezbollah has -dir-ect relationship with year where full threat is achieved by 2023, 2035,-or-2041 according to three assumptions of the balance points between Hezbollah and Israel, and there is a cultural and political gap in understanding that party. Further researches that deal with Hezbollah are recommended.

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