Mahmoud Said Kawash
2021 / 4 / 18

Poem by: Mahmoud Said Kawash

How beautiful it is for me to have achieved this before the era of insanity preys on us!!
That day we met accidently and without prior arrangements
Our conversation was-limit-ed to a brief question and a long answer
The details were not completed, and the continuity of the conversation was left
To be continued later, if God extends our life
I asked her about her health and conditions
As well as about the conditions of her family members
One by one, without forgetting any of them
Then I asked her about the latest developments in her wonderful story
With the knight of her dreams, who had just returned from his estrangement
Where he spent few years which were difficult and harsh for her
So, she recounted the story as I thought it would be from the beginning to the end
The beautiful creative poetess answered me saying:
That day I met him after the length of longing, the torment of the spirit and the lamination of the heart
I was wearing my purple coloured dress
Adorned with the best ornaments, roses and flowers
Perfumed by the most luxurious and expensive Parisian scents
I could not calm myself until after I drank the almond blossoms from his eyes
His warm breathes burned my cheeks
The eyelashes of his eyes were showered with the fragrance of my perfume
In his presence I resumed the languages I had lost
The music came out of all the musical instruments
Music blew up from the piano machine, saxophone, accordion, clarinet, flute, guitar, drums and tambourines
Sending expressive and influential tunes and rhythms
That day I kissed him thousands of kisses and didnít stop until the sugar froze over his mouth, the joints loosened and the thirst quenched
The roses, daffodils, tulips, anemones, orchids, carnations and chrysanthemums became sweaty
The gems, corals, rubies, pearls, agates, turquoises, gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds and aquamarines glowed and became brighter and brighter
Then she sighed and added:
How beautiful it is for me to die silently in the sea of his eyes and become a martyr in his whim!!
How beautiful it is to have achieved this before the era of insanity preys on us!!
Before the currents wrestle us and the tumultuous waves pound us from all -dir-ections
Before something happens suddenly and changes my opinion
Before the poem breathes out, turns into a lifeless corpse and prepares for its funeral
Here, she turned and sighed successively and continuously and said:
Our conversation has to have a rest until all the chapters of the story are completed!!
Since that time, we were not destined to meet again and the doubts mixed with certainty, regarding the completion of the chapters of the story
Perhaps the conversation will be completed later
Then the story will have an end and be closed forever
Let us wait and see!!
I hope that the end will be pleasant and happy, as she wished while the knight of her dreams was in his estrangement.

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