Freeyad Ibrahim
2014 / 12 / 7


Poem by : Shazien Herish

Translation from Kurdish into Arabic by : Jamal Jaff

Translation from Arabic into English by: Freeyad Ibrahim

In the evening
I talk to the silence
Back to my sad home
Fill the pockets of my overcoat with yellow leaves
I gaze at the faces of the passers-bye
who are melted in stillness

In the evening
The sidewalks turn to tombs
I see the dead

In the evening
Gypsies read the bottom of coffee cups
And children who dream of breasts nipples

At night
Oh! ye darkness
We melt into you
And in the day time
When the sun shines
The birds disappear in sadness
Inside the exile trees
And the silence covers the worlds

In the evening
The pavements are ruined
And the yellow leaves take hold of the collar of my overcoat
They have killed the women and amputated their noses

The leaves say
Your sword is destruction and humiliation
While the beggars with their crushed cash
glitter over the shoulders of the homeland
I am charged o! homeland
We lied in the name of paradise
We killed the good and the kind in your name
Even the sidewalks distressed by our impure feet

Right in the evening
All sidewalks of my own city
Scatter in the courtyard
Of annihilation
Translated by : Freeyad Ibrahim

4 12 - 2014

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