Who am I, you ask , Mohammad A. Yousef

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2024 / 7 / 8

Who am I, you ask
Mohammad A. Yousef

Who am I, you ask?
I am the sum of all Iíve encountered, all Iíve experienced
I am the pages of the books Iíve devoured
The lessons imparted by the wise teachers
The highs and lows, the joys and sorrows
I am the love that surrounds me
The pain that has shaped me
I am a tapestry woven from intricate threads
Each one a piece of the puzzle that is me

I am the laughter of my friends, the tears of my family
The whispers of the wind, the rustling of leaves
I am the music that moves me, the words that inspire me
I am the sunlight that warms my skin, the rain that cleanses my soul
I am the strength of those who have supported me
The courage of those who have walked beside me
I am a mosaic of memories, a collage of emotions
Each one adding a new layer to my identity

I am the kindness of strangers, the warmth of a hug
The smile of a child, the wisdom of the elderly
I am the resilience of a survivor, the determination of a dreamer
I am the passion of an artist, the creativity of a writer
I am the curiosity of a seeker, the humility of a learner
I am a melody of voices, a symphony of experiences
Each one harmonizing to create the melody of my existence

I am the fire in my belly, the fire in my heart
The fire that drives me to push beyond my-limit-s
I am the storm that rages within, the calm that follows
I am the shadows that linger, the light that pierces through
I am the hope that sustains me, the faith that guides me
I am a story that is still unfolding, a journey that is far from over
I am a work in progress, a masterpiece in the making
I am who I am, and I am proud of the person Iíve become.

Who am I, you ask?
I am a tapestry woven from the threads of life,
Each strand a memory, a lesson, a piece of me.

I am made from the books I read,
Pages filled with worlds unknown,
Characters who whispered secrets in my ear,
And stories that stayed with me long after the final page was turned.

I am made of the teachers who shaped me,
Their words of wisdom echoing in my mind,
Their encouragement pushing me to reach new heights,
Their presence a guiding light in a world of uncertainty.

I am made of the experiences I have encountered,
The highs and lows that have shaped my journey,
The moments of triumph that filled me with joy,
And the setbacks that tested my resolve.

I am made of your love,
A warmth that surrounds me like a gentle embrace,
A beacon of light in the darkness,
A reminder that I am never alone.

I am made of the pain I have endured,
The heartaches that left scars on my soul,
The tears shed in moments of loneliness,
And the strength that emerged from the ashes of despair.

I am made of laughter and joy,
The sound of friends sharing in moments of pure bliss,
The echoes of childhood innocence,
And the simple pleasures that bring light to my days.

I am made of the arguments with my parents,
The clashes of wills that taught me to stand my ground,
The disagreements that tested the bonds of family,
And the love that always remained, even in the midst of conflict.

I am made of the chattering of young children,
Their voices like music to my ears,
Their curiosity a reminder of the wonder in the world,
And their innocence a balm to my weary soul.

I am made of the warmth from kind strangers,
The gestures of kindness that -restore- my faith in humanity,
The moments of connection with those I may never see again,
And the reminder that we are all connected in this journey called life.

I am made of stitchings from cracked hearts,
The pieces of brokenness that I have carried with me,
The wounds that have healed but still leave their mark,
And the reminder that even the damaged can find beauty in their scars.

I am made of bitter words from heated arguments,
The sharp edges of conflict that have sharpened my resolve,
The misunderstandings that have taught me the value of communication,
And the recognition that words have the power to woundī-or-heal.

I am made of music that gets me through,
The melodies that soothe my soul in times of trouble,
The lyrics that speak to the deepest parts of me,
And the rhythm that moves me when words fail.

I am made of emotions I cannot convey,
The depths of feeling that often go unspoken,
The complexities of the heart that defy explanation,
And the understanding that sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

I am made of all these people and moments,
The tapestry of my life unfolding in vibrant hues,
Each thread a part of who I am,
Each memory a brushstroke in the portrait of my soul.

That is who I am,
A masterpiece in progress,
A work of art still being painted,
A journey of self-discovery that never ends.

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