Disappointed by medical and nurse practice at hospitals, Mohammad A. Yousef

Mohammad Abdul-karem Yousef
2024 / 7 / 6

Disappointed by medical and nurse practice at hospitals
Mohammad A. Yousef

In the sterile walls of hospitals,
Where hope and healing should abound,
I found myself lost in a sea of disappointment
At the disconnect between theory and practice.

The textbooks all spoke of compassion
And the importance of patient care,
But in reality, I witnessed rushed interactions
And nurses who seemed too overwhelmed to care.

I saw patients left waiting for hours
In crowded, noisy waiting rooms,
Their pain ignored, their fears dismissed
By overworked medical staff.

The doctors, once revered as saviors,
Seemed more interested in their next paycheck
Than in truly listening to their patients
And treating them with empathy and respect.

I watched as medications were hastily prescribed
Without any consideration for potential side effects,
And as procedures were performed
Without adequate explanation´-or-consent.

I felt a wave of sadness wash over me
As I realized that the idealistic visions
I had harbored of working in healthcare
Were shattered by the harsh realities of the system.

The gap between theory and practice
Seemed wider than ever before,
And I wondered if it could ever be bridged
By those who were more interested in profit than patient care.

But amidst the disappointment and disillusionment,
I found a glimmer of hope
In the few nurses and doctors
Who truly cared about their patients.

They took the time to sit with them,
To listen to their concerns and fears,
And to treat them not just as cases to be solved
But as human beings in need of compassion.

I realized that while the system may be flawed,
There are still those who strive to make a difference
And to bridge the gap between theory and practice
With their unwavering dedication and empathy.

So I hold onto this hope
And continue to advocate for change
In the hopes that one day,
The disappointment will be replaced with healing and compassion.

In the sterile halls of hospitals,
Where lives hang in the balance,
I find myself lost in a sea of disappointment,
As the gap between theory and practice widens.

Oh, the promises of healing and care,
But where do they disappear to?
When a loved one lies in pain,
Neglected by those meant to bring relief.

The nurses, once hailed as angels in white,
Now seem more like ghosts haunting the wards,
Their smiles forced, their eyes distant,
As they go through the motions with mechanical precision.

I watch as medications are missed,
As vital signs are overlooked,
As compassion is replaced by indifference,
And my heart aches with each passing moment.

Who can bridge this chasm between
The textbooks and the reality of the bedside?
Where is the compassion, the empathy,
That should be the foundation of healing?

I see the doctors, with their stacks of degrees,
Their years of training and expertise,
But where is the humility, the understanding,
That true healing requires more than just knowledge?

I long for a nurse who will hold my hand,
Who will sit with me in my fear and my grief,
Who will treat me not as a number on a chart,
But as a human being in need of care.

I plead for a doctor who will listen,
Who will see past the symptoms to the person within,
Who will treat me not as a case to be solved,
But as a soul in need of healing.

The walls of the hospital close in around me,
Echoing with the sounds of machines and footsteps,
But all I hear is the silence of disappointment,
The void left by the absence of true compassion.

I know that the system is flawed,
That the pressures and demands are great,
But I cannot help but wonder,
When did we lose sight of the heart of healing?

I cling to the hope that somewhere,
In the midst of this chaos and confusion,
There are still nurses and doctors
Who see beyond the protocols and procedures,

Who hold fast to their humanity
In the face of illness and suffering,
Who understand that healing is not just
A matter of science, but of the soul.

And so I wait, my faith shaken but still alive,
For the day when theory and practice
Will finally come together,
And true healing will bloom once more.

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