Structural Analysis in English of the Poem -My Mother Under the Rubble- by Ibrahim Yusuf

Khosnav Khalil
2024 / 6 / 26

Introduction about Kobani
Kobani, also known as Ayn al-Arab, is a city in northern Syria near the Turkish border. During the Syrian Civil War, it faced severe attacks by the terrorist organization ISIS in 2014, resulting in massive destruction and displacement. Yet, Kobani became a symbol of resistance and resilience as Kurdish forces, with international assistance, reclaimed the city.

Structural Analysis of the Poem

1. Title:
"My Mother Under the Rubble" sets a poignant and tragic tone from the outset. The title prepares the reader to delve into themes of sorrow and loss.

2. Theme:
The poem explores personal and tragic experiences within the context of the war and destruction in Kobani. The poet portrays the bloody scenario through a blend of love, pain, and loss.

3. Imagery:
The poem is rich in deep imagery that vividly depicts the bloody scene in Kobani. Some of the most profound images include:

- "The boundary of the sounds of shells, the echo of footsteps": This image conveys the chaos and destruction of war.
- "The snorting of the knights horses on the hilltop": Symbolizes the battles and bravery in the face of the enemy.
- "Faded iron like an artificial clavicle": Expresses a sense of frailty and vulnerability.
- "Blood has a language of TNT": Compares blood to explosives, highlighting extreme violence.

4. Language and Style:
The language of the poem is deeply emotional and evocative. The poet uses vivid imagery to intensely convey the suffering and agony.

5. Form and Structure:
The poem follows a free form, with the poet employing unconventional structures and varied rhythms. This free form reflects the chaotic and disoriented state of the character in the war.

6. Colors and Symbolism:
The poet effectively uses colors and symbols, such as "faded iron" and "cold pebbles," to enhance the feeling of coldness and isolation. Also, expressions like "radiant as the glitter of the ancestors dagger" show the contrast between purity and violence.

7. Internal Monologues:
The poet includes internal monologues that depict the character s psychological conflict. For example:

- "-Oh my! -Oh my friend!": Expresses panic and fear.
- "Wait for me": Expresses hope for a re--union-- after separation.

The poem "My Mother Under the Rubble" by Ibrahim Yusuf is a poetic testament to the horrors of war in Kobani. Through deep imagery and emotionally charged language, the poet conveys a powerful personal experience of destruction and bloodshed, but also of hope and resistance. The poem stands as a strong example of literature reflecting the suffering of people in times of war and conflict.

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