A very short story entitled -Finis-

Omar Ghassa Rashed
2024 / 6 / 1

Ah, what a curious tale of deceit and treachery! Hear ye, hear ye, for I shall translate this text into the most eloquent of tongues, as befits the great Bard himself.
Alas, the foul Ogre, who doth feast upon the flesh of babes, hath spread the rumor that he doth seek to make a pact with the cunning Fox. The Fox, in his wily ways, did send the Ass to parley with the Ogre, that the terms of this agreement might be discussed. But lo, the Ogre did summon his Ogress companion to attend the meeting, and when the hours had passed, the crafty Fox did find the bones of the Ass, stripped of all meat.

(written in 31-5-2024)

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