Longing is overwhelming me

Mahmoud Said Kawash
2024 / 5 / 10

Longing is overwhelming me!!
“A dialogue”
Poem by: Mahmoud Said Kawash

He said to her:
“Oh, beautiful eyes
O song that melted in the cup of my youth
Scattered everywhere around me
Don t you consider my love, O flower?
With your stunning beauty, you seem charming
I am overwhelmed by longing while you are far away
And the conscience whispers its secrets in the eyes.”
After all this estrangement, is there a word that does not address the heart to the heart?
“Oh heart, leave the blame aside
The Beloved began to lead his soldiers into estrangement.”
Or did I miscalculate and misunderstand the situation?
Is it really rudeness´-or-is it all because you are another woman?
Good morning and evening
Morning and evening happiness, contentment and roses!!

She answered him:
Morning and evening of affection, no, no, but rather morning and evening of love and passion
You talk about estrangement!! What inspired you to do this??
From where did you imagine this estrangement, oh you, all the love, oh you!!
I love only you
I love you, you who are all love
I love you, do you understand?
I am another woman who loves you and cannot live without you
No, I am a woman who loves your world
Excuse me, I m another woman
Yes, I am another woman
I follow your footsteps
I can not live without your love
“I am a woman who has no life except in your world
A woman who stays up at night dreaming of your vision
A woman whose soul wishes for the warmth of meeting you
A woman who doesn t stop thinking about you, so that you don t get distracted
And does not forget you
Excuse me, I m another woman
A woman who doesn’t speak a language other than the language of love and lovers
Your smile shakes me and I am enchanted by your most beautiful looks
I aspire to see your life in the morning and evening”
“Excuse me, I m another woman
A different woman than women of these days
Because you are a different man than all the men of these days
Because I am another woman, I love you, and only you
How much I love you!! Do you understand?
You must understand.”

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