Mahmoud Said Kawash
2024 / 5 / 6

By Mahmoud Said Kawash

Dima, the innocence of my days and happy dreams
Oh you the bank of passion and the shore of abundant rain
Oh you the snooze of love and the whisper of longing in all existence
Dima, my strings, guitar and oud are in your hands
On my lips, there is a muttered prayer for you to come
Please come, come back and donít hesitate
From the depths of my heart I pray for you
Be generous with your love for me
So, come to make me happy with your love
Dima, these roses are from you and you are a descendant of roses
There are no perfume in the garden except yours
Dima, you who were my youth and the echo echoed by my presence
Have you observed the rituals of the glorious oath?
Or you forgot the poems I composed for you?
Dima, you the delight of the heart and apple of the eye
Dima, you the sophistication and tenderness of my promises
Dima, you the honeycomb and the beauty of life
I ask you to be generous and come back, so come back
I wonder if you will be generous and honour me with your love!!
Dima, come quickly to honour me with your love
Please come and be generous with your love.

Note: Dima is an Arabic female proper noun which means rain without lightning and thundering, eternity, immortality and continuity.

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