Mahmoud Said Kawash
2024 / 4 / 29


By Mahmoud Said Kawash

Have a good day and more and more
Your morning and evening are the voices of nightingales and hoopoes and the chirping of birds
Your morning is filled with longing, waiting, a smile of hope, meeting, and sweet feelings
Your evening is full of the violet letters, the flowers of words, and the tenderness of feelings
Your morning and evening are the fragrance of roses, the fragrance of flowers, the flow of gentle and sweet streams
Your morning and evening are the heat of longing and nostalgia, within the-limit-s between the clouds of the sky and the depths of the earth.
I repeat a request that was repeated previously and came in the context of letters from me to you as a result of force majeure circumstances
Forgive me, my love, you who has a forgiving face
You are the best to forgive
Forgive me and protect me from the sting of my delusions
Then tuck me inside your ribs in the absence of time.
Touch me and let me blend with your veins, for I miss you so much
I need warmth from you, so surround me with your warmth
I need to breathe and breathe and breathe
I need to breathe you, oh…won’t you wait to fall a---sleep---?

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