Mahmoud Said Kawash
2024 / 3 / 10

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Your tyranny has raised the voice of the city
In your hand is a sword of oppression that revives defeat
My dream is crucified
My voice is strangled
My defeated blood drags waves of pain through my veins
Oh, the bleeding of my city
I made a mistake and lost the letters of my identity
Your cuff is a colonisation caused bleeding to my humanity
You defeated me
You betrayed the purity of my freedom
You drowned me
You were thrown to the bottom of the caves of darkness
Oh, the truest love of my life
Light of joy has disappeared from my sky
I lived my days in darkness
Suffocated with silence
Until my words got lost in my mouth
The sounds of your joy got louder than the sounds of tears
My heart aches
His pulses fall among my waves
Like the setting sun
Screaming to announce that I am finished
And on my shore they chanted hymns of departure

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