Exceptional man

Mahmoud Said Kawash
2024 / 2 / 21

Exceptional man
By Mahmoud Said Kawash

O you exceptional man
I have given you a passage through the roughness of my poems
I have paved the way for you between the ink of my soul and my thoughts
So be careful
Watch out as much as you can
Lest a letter that has become broken from illusion scratch you
Or you are struck by a meaning that has become defeated due to its many wounds
I have built an oasis in you from a poem and a dream!!
I declared in it that I was lost in you when I found you
And that I gave up myself for you
So let me run towards the land of my dreams
Shaded by you and thirsty for your river
Do not dance with me in a dream´-or-suspicion
Because I am not a woman of shadows´-or-madness
I just want to find myself warm in your shadow, before I die!!
Because I love you and you are an exceptional man!!

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