The largest portion of the new Israeli Occupation State’s budget was allocated to Colonization

Madeeha Araj
2023 / 5 / 21

By: Madeeha Al-A’raj

After the disclosure of the fascist Israeli far-right government’s provisions, which showed that most of the amounts of NIS 13.7 billion will be allocated to Jewish settlement and religious institutions, new bypass roads, as well as the Ministry of National Security, which will receive an additional NIS 9 billion, a major part of which according to Ben Gvir will be -dir-ected to the formation of an armed militia “the National Guard” in order to carry out his policy both inside Israel and the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, as well as doubling the budgets that will be transferred to settlement councils in the West Bank, to be employed only in monitoring and documenting Palestinian construction in C areas, which exceeds NIS 40 million.

For his part, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Security, who is in charge of the Civil Administration and the so-called Office of the District Coordinator, Bezalel Smotrich, instructed the representatives of the ministries to prepare to absorb half a million new settlers in the West Bank, and called for improving the infrastructure in the settlements. Smotrich reviewed his plans to expand the settlement project, and demanded that it will be implemented immediately. He said that the new settlers will be absorbed into the existing settlements and into the outposts that the government intends to legalize in the coming months.

within the context of the settlement expansion on the Palestinian lands, the Occupation Authorities notified the village council of Al-Jalama and Arbouna, which are adjacent to the military checkpoint established on the village’s lands from the western and north side, to seize 144 dunums of the lands of the two villages for security purposes until the end of 12-31-2027, noting that the lands are owned by the people of the two villages.

Knowing that 11 dunums of which is owned by the “Waqf” i.e. the Islamic Endowments, and the Israeli occupation forces began constructing a section of the apartheid wall on the lands of the village of Al-Jalama, northeast of Jenin, and informed the owners of the lands not to place vehicles in the area in order to bring cement blocks to build the wall.

Moreover, the occupation authorities confiscated 14 dunums of the lands of the towns of: Jit, Farata, and Tal, in the governorates of Nablus and Qalqilya, planted with olive trees, as there is a plan to expand the settlement outpost ‘Hafat Gilad’ established on the lands of Kafr Qaddum, Jit, Surra, Tal, and Farata, east of the Qalqilia Governorate.

Furthermore, Jerusalem witnessed the worst manifestations of racism and orgy on the anniversary of its occupation in 1967. Tens of thousands of settlers participated in the so-called Israeli ‘media march’ led by ministers and members of Knesset from the government coalition, headed by the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, the Minister of Energy, Yisrael Katz,
and the Minister of Finance, Bezalel Smotrich. Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Chairman and Transportation Minister Miri Regev, along with leaders of participating parties in the government and other officials. The settlers attacked journalists at the scene, and racist slogans were launched, including ‘Death to the Arabs’ and ‘let your village be burned’, with heavy knocking on the doors of homes and shops in the Old City.

List of Israeli Occupation and Settlers Assaults over the
Last Week Documented by the National Bureau:
• Forcing a Jerusalemite to demolish a room he added to his house by his own under the pretext of not having a permit.
• Torching a vehicle, and wrote racist slogans in the Beit Iksa village.
• Demolishing 7 apartments in Silwan under the pretext of building without a permit, and forcing a citizen to self-demolish his house in Jabal Al Mukaber.

• Attacking shepherds in Masafer Yatta, destroyed a number of olive trees, and damaged agricultural projects.
• Demolishing stone chains and razing crops near Johar Mountain, in Hebron.
• Uprooted 50 olive trees in Wadi al-Jawaya, near the village of al-Tuwana, east of Yatta.
• Destroying 60 forest trees in Khallet Al-Dabaa in Yatta
• Demolishing a water well and about 90 olive trees were destroyed near Al-Mufqara Village.
• Destroying 120 olive seedlings and about 50 dunums of agricultural crops in the ‘Fateh Sidr’ near the Al-Zuwaidin community, north of Al-Musafer.

• Cutting down about 15 olive trees and 10 almond trees, demolished stone chains, and destroyed barbed wire on land in th Husan village.
• Burning of barley and wheat crops in Kisan village
• Demolishing 2 large barracks and an agricultural room in the ‘Ard al-Deir’ area on the western side of the town of al-Khader, under the pretext of not having a permit.
• Destroying monument of the martyr Ziyad Abu Ein in the Turmusaya village, north of Ramallah, for the second time. Attacking land of citizens from the town of Sinjil, near the settlement of "Ma ali Livoneh", and broke pomegranate trees, stole 10 beehives, and destroyed a fence that the municipality of Sinjil had buil, and shooting at the main entrance of a family s house in the village .

• Bulldozing 15 dunums of land planted with olive trees 20 years ago, with the aim of expanding the settlements of ‘Magdolim’ and ‘Yesh Kodesh"’
• Storming the archaeological site in the Sebastia town, with tight protection from the occupation forces, who closed the area to the citizens.
• Imposing a curfew on several neighborhoods in the city of Nablus as settlers entered Joseph s Tomb, and the head of the so-called Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, said that ‘the situation of Jews who arrive here in the middle of the night cannot continue, and that the place must be under complete control of the State of Israel.’

• Demolishing 80m2 agricultural room in the lands of the village of Nabi Elias, east of Qalqilya under the pretext of building without a permit.

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