Labour Day: Small Answers to the Big Questions

Ilyass Chetouani
2023 / 5 / 2

Today is the first of May, which makes labour day. It is an annual occasion to celebrate workers all across the globe. This day does not only marks the different changes and upheavals that the working class has witnessed during its entire history in reaction to the domination of the beourgois class, but also to remind us of the philosophical and intellectual background of this struggle.

Why there are workers vs capitalists?
In tracing the history behind this dualism, many intellectuals and theorists have tried to fathom and trace back the genesis of capital, its relation to the worker, the means of production, and how these overall elements interact with each another. Simply answered, there are workers because there are capitalists, and vice versa. The beourgoisie monopolizes the means of production. The worker is subject to the vicissitudes of the market, though he contributes to the ultimate process of production. His life is already predetermined by the capitalist. Wages, profits, raw materials, and even the ideological sphere are all controlloed by the ruling class. The beourgoisie derives its power and legitemacy from inheritance, the law, and ideological manufactering of consent. The ruling class has given itself the right to become powerful, rich, and globalized.

Are workers free?
The shortest answer is No. As a worker, you get the illusion of freedom. You live under whta friedierich Engels calls false consciousness .

As an Arabe, do I Suffer the same thing?
The shortset answer is Yes. Furthermore, as an arabe you suffer from an entrenched forms of oppression including dictatorships, police states, and an utter repression of civil liberties.

Is capitalism an absolute reality?
No. Humanity has gone throu a myriad of economic and political systems throughout history. There was a time when humans beings lived without capital. They did not need to enslave each another, for they lived under full-fledged small communities and tribes.

What are some negative aspects of Capitalism?
Capitalism strengthens individualism and competitiveness between human beings. This makes people look merely for profit and financial growth, and blinds them from the fact that they are being played out by a manipulative system. The system alinates us from our true social and economic conditions. It also kills our idealistic and moral inclinations towards each another.

What is the substitute?
Many theorists have tried to answer this question. To be honest, it is not easy. Some believe that the ultimate solution is socialism and redistribution of the wealth and establishing a proletariat dictatorship. Others see that, from an ecolutionary perspective, capitalism will somehow be able to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of the proletariat. In other words, if there is any change going to happen, capitalism should be its birthplace.

Is the oppressive pattern global?
Yes. Workers have no home of their own. They are the temporary residents of the beourgois class. The same suffering of a Westerner is the same as for an Arabe, though they relatively differ in terms of wages and human liberty.

Untill the day when all of the Arabic people is truly freed from oppression , I will feel deeply ashamed of even say the word celebration.
Let s merely hope...

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