Denmark: Kurds protest against killing in Afrin

Sherwan Shahin
2023 / 4 / 5

On the night of Nowruz (March 23, 2023) four Kurdish citizens were killed in the city of Jin---dir---es in the Afrin region. This savage attack shook Kurdish communities worldwide, including in Denmark, where Kurdish citizens organized protests to condemn the attack. Kurds in Denmark took to the streets to protest the massacre committed by Turkey-Backed Fighters.

In Denmark, four different demonstrations were organized to condemn the massacre. One began in Aarhus in front of the town hall, the other in Copenhagen in front of the Danish parliament, the third in Sø-;---;-----;---nderborg city, and the fourth in front of the US embassy in Copenhagen.
A demonstration was held in Copenhagen on March 25th, with the participation of many members of the Kurdish community in Denmark, including activists and politicians. The demonstration was organized by the Federation of Kurdish Associations in Denmark, and the organizers called for more international attention to the situation in Afrin and the Turkish occupation. They also condemned the international community s silence regarding Turkish violations against Kurds in Syria, and raised banners with slogans such as "Turkey, get out of our region" and "All terrorists must leave Afrin".

The demonstration in Aarhus was held on March 26th, organized by local Kurds. About 400 people participated in the peaceful and well-organized demonstration, carrying pictures of the Kurdish victims, holding banners in Kurdish and Danish, chanting slogans condemning the massacre, and calling on the international community to take action against it.

In Sø-;---;-----;---nderborg, a demonstration was also held by members of the Kurdish community under the same slogans.

The demonstration in front of the US embassy was organized on April 1st by activists close to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, where the United States is an important ally of the Kurds. Many Kurds hope that the United States will make more effort to protect Kurds in Syria from Turkish violations. The participants in this demonstration called on the United States to take more action and condemned the US s silence regarding the Turkish occupation of Afrin.

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