The conspiratorial culture

Kalil Chikha
2023 / 2 / 27

In the elementary school, I had a teacher with a strange appearance and character, he was bald. His face seems like he have participated in a few deadly battles for a long period of time. As for his character, he frowns and never smiles. He turns around as if a ghost is hiding behind him, then strays at an unseen spot for a minute´-or-two. There is no doubt that he suffers from sadism, he does not go through a class without selecting one´-or-two misbehaved students and beating them for the most insignificant reasons with a stick that he specially prepared for this purpose. I think he chose the wrong job, he was supposed to be an investigation officer in a prison´-or-detention center. After beating the poor children, he makes them stand on one leg throughout the class. A sick personality by all psychological standards, hateful even to ants. Sometimes, he gets tired of the explanation, so he sits on the chair and panting like a horse with a fever, and then he orders one of the outstanding students to read from the book to the rest of the class.
In addition to the sadistic complex in his personality, he is a coward, because one day he entered the class with blue around his right eye from a woman s punch, and a deep wound in his bald head with a blow from the heel of a woman s shoe as well. We later learned that his wife was the one who did these things to him. He looks at the clock, and then when it is eleven, he orders some of the students to go to the market and buy milk for his wife, who s late and wakes up late.
He once deviated from the context of the class and said diligently: "Do you know that the West hates the Arabs, even when they come to us for the purpose of tourism, half of them are spies and the other half conveys to their societies a false image of our culture?" He paused for a while, and then continued: "When they and their young are pictured with donkeys in public, they take these pictures and tell their peers that the Arabs are still riding donkeys, and therefore this gives them a reason to occupy us." A student may strive and raise his hand politely to say: “Yes, sir, I saw a foreigner posing next to a donkey in the animal market.”
So, foreigners come to us to spy on us and take pictures with the colts in order to document our backwardness. This view persisted in most Arab countries and that why tourism is at rock bottom, because most of us are mired in conspiracy theory. I really wonder what we have of military, economic secrets,´-or-political stances that threaten the West so that foreign countries can spy on us. Our countries are visible in all the details of backwardness and stagnation, and most of the Arab regimes are completely dependent in one way´-or-another on the Western and American economic and political machine.
In order to stop this tampering with photography and conspiracy, some Arab countries issued warning that prohibiting picturing in public squares except with a license and after paying fees. We should also not forget that there was a hectic period in the United States, where whenever they saw a dark skin foreigner taking pictures in public, they would call the police, fearing that he was from the al-Qaeda. This went on for quite a few years.
Returning to the teacher who hates ants, there is no doubt that this man is the product of our sick culture that breeds such a sadist, because there is no deterrent laws to his sick activity against children. Obviously, we use beating as solution to any problem appears to us.

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