Mahmoud Said Kawash
2023 / 1 / 12

“A narrative poem”, in both English an Arabic
By: Mahmoud Said Kawash

I missed her and her words so much!!
How much I missed her!!
I waited for her for a long time, but she did not appear
I waited for an e-mail´-or-a private message from her, but she did not send any
So I sent her a short message in private, reassuring her about myself
Seeking reassurance about her, her health and well- being

One evening, two weeks later, I received the following reply:
Good evening and wishing you a wonderful time sweetheart
I wish you a pleasant evening, laced with roses, jasmine and gardenia
Perfumed with incense, Cambodian oud and amber
In an atmosphere of love, longing, nostalgia and certainty

I am well and in a good health, at peace and psychological reconciliation
I moved away from social media after I thought at some point that I was aware of everything around me
I moved after I thought that every person who was with me was a friend
A Companion, lover,´-or-present with an existence that met mine

I used to think that I had mastered the role of life in all its stages
That the plays of the fakers which I used to watch had passed and ended
Because I was the clever one skilled in discovering souls and faces with coloured features
I used to think that I was not naďve in drawing those conclusions
For everyone entered my life as a passer by,´-or-a resident

I thought that the actors who had a starring role in loyalty died
And I was able to bring down the curtain on them to disappear from my memory
I did not know that I was the fool who did not master drawing the conclusions
And did not improve the interpretation of features
Nor the mastery of writing about the masks of the other time

I was naive and unaware of the reality of the vague souls
Who wore the dress of virtue and conscience
Who wrote the letters of holiness on the doors of their lives
With nothing but the sins of betrayal and the curse of life
With which blossoms bloomed and in which war was declared on the ruin of minds and rot of hearts

Yes, I moved away and I became a thousand times wary of the features of holiness
I would not overlook the darkness of hearts
I became adept at entering their roles on the acting stage
I would not wait until I fought with them the battle of the end
Which might cause pain to me, and to my foolishness and kindness
After I was sure that life would be fair to me
But for your example, your words and letters, I yearned so much

Be assured that I am fine and have no problem, thank God
I apologize for my complete interruption and for not writing “privately” to you
That was because I had received a very huge amount of letters
The most important thing is to be reassured and to know that I read you
Even in absence, and see you as always with your deep beauty

Forgive my absence and writing at this late hour
It was nothing but because I tried hard to pick a satire from the rib of the sky, that might suit you
Every time I wanted to write to you and arrived here “in private”
The letters failed to formulate a greeting that might describe you a little bit
So, sorry and thank you

My beautiful beloved, Happy New Year and have a wonderful time
You are the most beautiful and dearest to the heart and soul
I wish you a long life full of purity, contentment, peace and harmony
A long life with health, happiness, good luck and continuous brilliance and glow
May God bless you, protect you from all evil and grant you a lifelong beauty
Thank you for your humanity, kindness and loyalty

Note: Longing means “prolonged, unceasing,´-or-earnest desire: a life filled with longing. An instance of this: a sudden longing to see a beloved´-or-an old friend.

Mahmoud Said Kawash – Denmark
[email protected]

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