Iranian uprising by women´-or-restoring humanitys values was confiscated.

Kawa Nader Qader
2022 / 11 / 17

Iranian uprising by women´-or-restoring humanity s values was confiscated.
By Kawa Nader Qader
According to all sources, this time Iran s uprising for freedom is being held within the framework of a modern demand and is a protest against the implementation of the legitimacy of the jurisprudence state (Shiite religious legitimacy). (Burning the hijab, Handkerchiefs on the head of the mullahs, cutting their hair, wearing fashionable clothes_ short skirts, and singing hymns from the pulpits of mosques) testify to our words. Under the header "Women, Life, and Freedom," this uprising has destroyed the im-print- of classicism and developed fresh material for the freedom of women and youth. When a Kurdish girl “Zhina Amini” who is a victim of the dictatorship is buried in Saqiz Cemetery. Martyred as yet over Sixty-seven-person, sixty days after the uprising people, including seven women, in fifty-sex East Kurdistan cities and towns. That is, the uprising:
_To modernize society, empower women to be worthy of themselves, and challenge the ancient ideals of the theocratic system, it also contains an epistemological basis. This uprising is engaged in several activities, wherever it takes place, and the leaders skills distinguish it from the other four past uprisings.
_The uprising in Eastern Kurdistan set fire to Tehran, Baluchistan, and northern Iran and expressed support for Eastern Kurdistan, public freedoms, and self-determination. The center allowance affects the parties, and the parties began to affect the center. They did not regret coming to the scene, fearing violence, killing, and arrest, in order to achieve the content and essence of freedom, as required by the stages and stations of this uprising.
What can be mentioned here:
After more than sixty days, demonstrated the Islamic Republic Iranian the inability to change itself and provide for the demands and rights of the Iranian people. It is still betting on the use of violence, arrests, killings, and executions to solve problems.
_It is possible for China and Russia to intervene to support the mullahs regime and suppress the uprising. But it is not possible to return the Islamic Republic to its state before the uprising.
_The prestige of the Islamic Republic has diminished with the violence it used to subjugate the people, and this fear has dissipated among the people.
Despite recent Iranian armed attacks on civilian families for Iranian Kurdistan parties, which are officially present in Iraq s Kurdistan region and were permitted by the Iraqi government, the UN, media support, and some humanitarian circles in European countries have increased in recent days. This affected and intensified the uprising in the cities of eastern Kurdistan. in response to these attacks on the regions of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The mullahs regime is afraid of the official Iranian forces (the army, the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij, the intelligence services, the administration, etc.), that the wave of protests will encourage an uprising in its ranks, and that some government forces will no longer allow "killing citizens in this way." When one of these forces,´-or-part of it, disintegrates, the uprising enters another phase. especially the excessive use of violence and firearms by the authorities. They could not end the demonstrations. Instead, the demonstrations became more colorful, powerful, and widespread.
The issues facing East Kurdistan s women and youth seem intractable for the government. The Arab National Center estimates that those thirty years of age´-or-younger make up about 60% of Iranian society. Those who lived under the Islamic Republic s regime did not have citizenship rights and Get to know the civil world through social media. It is difficult for forty million homeless individuals (about half the population) to find work, and roughly twenty million people rent´-or-reside in properties without title documents. The population of these citizens has grown by Seventeen -fold during the last thirty years.
November 17, 2022

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