The Egyptian assassination squads kill the Christians and the Muslims in Egypt -- Part 1

Seti Shenouda
2022 / 11 / 1

The Egyptian assassination squads and The Egyptian security services kidnapped the Christian student / Ms. Nada Murad Morcos ( 20 Years old ) , a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Alexandria, on 20/9/2022 and threw her into the elevator shaft from the eleventh floor.
The Public Prosecution, the police, and all the Egyptian security services refused to investigate this serious crime.

The victim s father Mr. Murad Morcos said in a telephone interview with the program “Happening in Egypt - Yahdoth fi Masr” on MBC Egypt TV, on Tuesday evening 27/9/2022, about the downing and killing of his daughter from the eleventh floor in the elevator well ) elevator tunnel ( in Alexandria Governorate :

“We found my daughter’s body lying on her back under the elevator cabin. The building guard started shivering and his appearance changed after finding the body, and he asked the police officers to sit with him alone ,and then we learned that he heard a very strong blow in the elevator well ) elevator tunnel) at half past six o clock in the morning .

The victim s father said that the elevator had no mal-function-s, and that it was in excellent condition, and maintenance was carried out a few days ago.
(Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper and United Copts newspaper on 9/28/2022)


==Also Mr. Murad Morcos, the father of the victim, Nada, said in a television interview with Masrawy newspaper on September 29, 2022 :
== the crime has an arrangement and has very strong question marks..
== Like the guard of the building who heard a loud sound in the building, and he did not know anyone in the building.. and refused to make any of the residents share in the matter..

== The building guard found the mobile inside the elevator cabin and took it, stole it and hid it, and when he felt that they started looking for the mobile in a strong way, he breaked the mobile and throwing it in the trash..
== There are many things that make sure that there is a very strong criminal suspicion in it, and the investigations and the responsible authorities must look into it..
== The building guard has the secret of the matter.. he has hidden things that must be searched..

== I appeal to all the responsible authorities to search, I want the -dir-ector of security to search.. The criminal investigation must search with us, and the attorney general must work hard and search with us, and the -dir-ector of Alexandria security must move and search with us..
== Why did the building guard claim that he did not know anything? Why did he leave us and he didn t say anything until 9 am the next morning, until one of the neighbors said that he found out that the building guard had my daughter s mobile and then the police found it with him after he broke it.. What is your goal.. !!!?? What are you hiding.. what is behind the topic.. what is behind you..!!??
The guard has all the answers to these questions about killing my daughter..!??

== Every day we are late.. there is something that disappears and gets canceled.. what is happening..!!?? There is a clear criminal suspicion..
== I ask the official agencies to reveal the murder of my daughter.. and I ask the official agencies to pay attention to every small and major thing in this crime, in which there are specific people and specific destinations. .
== I am requesting the official authorities to help us.. Please.. I am begging all of the official authorities.. I am begging the police to move and search .. I am begging the #Attorney_General..there is something hidden. .. I do not want to specify a name´-or-a destination ( !? ).. But every day there is a new thing that appears with us .. Why after 9 days they did not search seriously .. Please ..
== Responsible authorities and security services are responsible for preventing crime, and if the crime occurs, their mission is to reach the perpetrator.
== I beg you to help me ..

(Masrawy newspaper on 9/29/2022)

But why did the building guard ask to speak with the police officer in private..!!??? And what is the dangerous thing that the building guard mentioned to the police officer in private, and refused to mention it to the victim’s family..!!????
And why did the police officer refuse to reveal what the building guard told him..!!???
Did the building guard talk to the police officer about the official security agency that kidnapped and killed the victim, so the police officer refused to reveal this security agency..??

== The more dangerous than all of the above data is that the Public Prosecution and all of the security services refused to investigate this serious crime for more than one month , despite all the important evidence that “Nada” was kidnapped and killed, and despite the please of the victim’s father to the Public Prosecution, the police and all the security services to investigate this crime . .

So, did the Public Prosecution refused to investigate the kidnapping and killing of Nada Murad Morcos,to hide and not to reveal the involvement of the security services and the “official assassination squads” in the kidnapping and killing of Nada, the squads that kill and slaughter the Christians and the Muslims in Egypt..especially in the last three years ..!?

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