The on-going Algerian Hostility Against Morocco.

Said Elakhal
2022 / 10 / 4

The conflict between Algeria and Morocco has an ideological background. It has been going on since the Cold War, when Morocco joined the Atlantic Alliance, whereas Algeria belonged to the Socialist Alliance. Despite the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Algerian leaders have been prisoners of the socialist ideology. That’s why this hostility dominates their positions against Morocco.
Although Moroccan people helped Algeria during its resistance to colonialism, Algerian leaders have betrayed Morocco by arming the Polisario and supporting them diplomatically since 1975. It has spent more than 237 billion dollars ever since . This undeniable hostility prevents any rapprochement´-or-reconciliation between both countries for the following reasons.
Firstly, the Algerian position is completely repugnant because of that abhorrent ideological hostility .In 1975, the Algerian authorities committed a serious humanitarian crime against the 350.000 Moroccans residing by expelling them and stripping them of all their properties. The main goal was to ignite a dangerous crisis that the Moroccan government could not face. Fortunately, the authorities managed to overcome the situation. Secondly, the Algerian authorities employ hostility against Morocco to distract Algerian people from internal problems ,especially those related to expression freedom. Hundreds of protesters against the scarcity of basic foodstuffs were arrested.
Finally, Algeria seeks to dominate neighboring countries. In order to achieve this goal, Algeria blackmails terrorists to attack Morocco. The first targeting of Morocco by terrorists was in 1994, when terrorists attacked foreigners in the Atlas Esni hotel in Marrakech. All Morocco s efforts to reconcile with Algeria have failed. This situation prompted Morocco to search for new allies to confront the Algerian hostility. In this context, Morocco decided to resume and strengthen its relations with Israel on different levels, notably the military. Algeria allocates 10 billion dollars to buy weapons to destabilize Morocco instead of investing in developing its economy.
Eventually, the Algerian hostility persists as long as the leaders believe in socialist ideology. There is no way to exercise this hostility against Morocco except by supporting terrorism and imposing a long-term war of attrition.

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