Al-Azhar is a stain on the forehead of Egypt

Medhat Klada
2022 / 9 / 19

Al-Azhar is a stain on the forehead of Egypt

During the era of President Gamal Abdel Nasser on June 5, 1961 No. 103 was issued regarding the reorganization of Al-Azhar and according to this law, which added scientific universities to Al-Azhar University to include a number of scientific faculties of commerce, medicine, engineering and agriculture, then it established a college for Muslim girls that also included people when it was established to study Medicine, commerce, Arab and Islamic sciences ... Al-Azhar University includes expatriate students from 107 countries from different countries of the world. Al-Azhar spends on foreign students, and the number of faculty members reaches 15,155 faculty members and 13074 employees serving 50,000 male and female students. Al-Azhar universities are considered a disgrace to Egypt for the following reasons: First: Al-Azhar University is financed from the state budget, in which the Copts contribute a larger share. and equal opportunities. Second: The top faculties at Al-Azhar University do not need outstanding students. It is enough for 60% to become one of the graduates of the top faculties bearing the status of a doctor´-or-an engineer. The Coptic who has achieved 90% is denied because it serves Muslims only in a crude manner, because there is no justice in Egypt. This institution is supposed to be characterized Patriotism and justice are the two most important qualities in any institution that claims to be religious. Third: The subjects studied by Al-Azhar students are books called the books of the predecessors that are not subject to renewal´-or-development, and they are heritage books that do not fit the era´-or-the time. To leave three days to repent and then be killed. It is permissible to marry a girl, even if she is a child, “as long as she can bear sexual intercourse. It is obligatory not to build churches in the countries invaded by the Arabs, and it is permissible to marry animals as well. Fourth: Al-Azhar University is a fascist university, not only for the subjects it teaches, but for the lack of The other is in the history of Al-Azhar educational graduates, so a graduate with a single vision, a single thought, a single world sees only a Muslim. Fifthly: Graduates of Al-Azhar universities such as Sharia colleges are appointed to the prosecution, judiciary´-or-police colleges!!You can imagine the lack of justice if there is a problem between a Christian and a Muslim and the judge´-or-the prosecutor is a graduate of a graduate who lived his life for anyone Ray does not know that there is another during the stages of his education. Rather, his teachings assured him that he is the best, the best, and the most valuable .... Sixth: The teachings of Al-Azhar have produced the symbols of global terrorism to the world. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. Dr. Omar Abdel-Rahman was the spiritual leader of the Jihad organization that carried out the Assiut massacre on October 8, 1981, which killed 181 Egyptian soldiers and officers. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Omar Abdel-Rahman obtained a doctorate from Al-Azhar University in his thesis titled “Attitude The Qur’an is an antagonism, as depicted by the image of repentance.” Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and his statements against the Copts that had caused massacres of Coptic students in Assiut in the seventies with the blessing and planning of President Sadat. Seventh: A group of Al-Azhar graduates: • Muhammad Salem Rahhal, founder of the Islamic Jihad Organization in Jordan, Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion. • Abu Bakr Shekau. The leader of Boko Haram Sharia and law • Abu Osama al-Masri, leader of the Sinai Province organization - • Abu Rabi a al-Masri, leader of al-Qaeda in Basra, Sharia and law • Abdullah Azzam. The spiritual father of the Afghan jihad organizations, a Bachelor s degree in jurisprudence. • Abd Rab al-Rasoul Sayyaf, President of the Afghan Islamic --union--, Master of Hadith • Burhanuddin Rabbani, second president of the Mujahideen State in Kabul, MA in Islamic Philosophy. • Mawlawi Qasim Halimi. Taliban leader. Bachelor of Islamic Jurisprudence from the Faculty of Sharia *** As for the terrorists who appeared in Egypt after the rule of the Brotherhood and carried out assassinations, these are some of the names: (1). The terrorist who killed two German tourists in Hurghada on Friday, July 14 (Abdul Rahman Shaaban), is a member of ISIS. It is strange that Egypt baffles the whole world. Is it fighting terrorism?´-or-finance the production line of terrorism! Rather, it contributes strongly to maintaining the production of terrorism, not local but global, because there are 107 countries receiving their education at Al-Azhar University. Finally, Al-Azhar University does not only produce terrorists, nor does it prevent Christians from joining it, nor does it teach hatred for the Copts only, but it plays a key role in preserving Egypt’s survival in the era of darkness by its atonement for the liberals, the enlightened, and the thinkers. The elders of Al-Azhar questioned Sheikh Muhammad Abda’s doctrine (1849-1905) because he sought to renew Al-Azhar, so they questioned his belief and fought him, just as Al-Azhar declared Dr. Islam and the Origins of Judgment” and the blasphemy of the international writer Naguib Mahfouz in 1995 after publishing the novel “For the Children of Our Neighborhood,” which Sheikh Al-Ghazali demanded to ban the novel and confiscate it, and to confiscate five books by Dr. Muhammada Saeed Al-Ashmawy. Their point of view is apostate. Sheikh Al-Mazra’i shouted in his testimony that Faraj Fouda was an apostate and deserved to be killed, and that his killers “dropped the legal sin from the shoulders of the nation.” And he was expelled from Al-Azhar University and Professor Salah El-Din

Mohsen, who was imprisoned because of the book Trembling Enlightenment ... There are tens of thousands of whom Al-Azhar declared infidels, and some of them were assassinated,´-or-left the country in search of another life,´-or-lived still under threat. The only position that counts for Al-Azhar and his men is that ISIS should not be declared apostate by the mouth of Sheikh “Al-Tayyib”, while tens of thousands were assassinated physically, and tens of thousands were assassinated morally.... Isn t the survival of Al-Azhar a disgrace on Egypt s forehead?

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